DCF newsletter - May 24th, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Specializing in the design, operations and construction of data centers, Chris McLean is a Principal at Critical Facility Group in Boston.
Tim Hysell, Co-founder and CEO of ZincFive, explains why the need for a resilient power infrastructure has never been more pressing for data center operators.

In data centers, HVAC uptime is non-negotiable. Coupling our in-house controls expertise with a deep understanding of data center needs, Trane experts revamped air handling units to maximize both uptime and revenue-generating space. The stackable compact footprint (5-ft. or less) maximizes revenue-generating space and is designed to maintain tight temperature and humidity tolerances.

Produced by Data Center Frontier in conjunction with Endeavor Business Media co-publications Lightwave, Cabling Installation & Maintenance and Security Info Watch, the Data Center Summit will be held from June 11-13, 2024.
As located on the company's encompassing 52-acre Ashburn (VA1) Data Center Campus, Vantage Data Centers VA11 is a purpose-built facility currently sized at 720,000 SF, including non-critical space.
Digital Realty this week unveiled expanded high-density deployment support for liquid-to-chip cooling in service of AI and data-intensive applications.
With discussions ranging from AI markets to growing data center workforce teams, the one-day event touched on today’s most compelling data center topics.
State government addresses a sticking point on backup power generation that precluded Aligned Data Centers' 264 MW project just seven months ago.
New cybersecurity threats throughout the data center campus necessitate a comprehensive understanding of both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.
Meet the Data Center Frontier Trends Summit - a new 3-day experience that will empower data center leaders and stakeholders to make the most informed decisions through insights on the essential trends impacting the marketplace. Gain insights into the most critical trends impacting your job, and discover cutting-edge technologies that can optimize your operations, and reduce costs.
EDITOR'S PICKS by Matt Vincent
The AI boom will ripple through the digital infrastructure sector, impacting the availability of space, the supply chain, pricing, cooling, power and design. DCF's Rich Miller investigates in his annual industry forecast.
Nathan Blom of Iceotope Technologies explains that by aligning liquid cooling strategies with broader business objectives, organizations can accelerate innovation, improve cost-effectiveness, and gain a competitive edge in the AI-driven era.
Recent technical analysis investigates a use case of powering a 6 MW data center using traditional AC infrastructure versus new FMP infrastructure. A parts-and-labor summary concludes the use of FMP can result in multiple-millions of dollars in savings for operators.
Microsoft gets that the future of data center power isn't either/or, but rather an "all of the above" proposition. The cloud giant has this month again demonstrated how it knows solving data center campuses' burgeoning power dilemma will require leveraging both hydrogen and nuclear technologies, as ...

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