Data Center Frontier Cooling Educational Forum

Aug. 29, 2023
Join us on Aug. 29th for a day of learning covering air-based cooling and direct-on-chip cooling technologies, and optimizing the data center cooling cycle.
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This event was originally held on August 29, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.   
Sponsor: Chatsworth Products, M&M Carnot, nVent, Zutacore
3 Hours

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As the need for increased speed and lower energy usage advance, cooling is the critical technology that make both achievable. New technologies are being adapted at the row, rack and chip level.  Understanding key advances and new cooling options is now critical to sustainable operation.  Join us for a day of learning covering air based cooling, direct on chip cooling and optimizing the cooling cycle. 

Session 1 -The Data Center Innovation That Will Change the Way You Think About Liquid Cooling  (11 - Noon Eastern)  Register Today!

Discover the game-changing collaboration between Chatsworth Products (CPI) and ZutaCore that introduces a transformative thermal management solution for data centers. Experience the power of advanced liquid cooling technology combined with a cabinet system, revolutionizing high-density data environments for unprecedented performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Don't miss out.

Session 2 
- Sustainable Data Center Cooling: Benefits of Using CO2 as a Refrigerant  (12pm - Eastern)  Register Today!

M&C Carnot discusses Carbon Dioxide (R-744) has long been used as a refrigerant.  This webinar will review the benefits and differences of using CO2 as a refrigerant for data center cooling compared to synthetic refrigerants.  We will discuss the advantages of using CO2 for free cooling utilizing our patented Rain Cycle via the thermosiphon principle.  Best in class free cooling is standard on all CRAC and Inrow units with a quick ROI in most regions.  Competitive lead times and readily available parts are also standard.

Session 3 The Drive to Liquid Cooling – Features, Benefits, and Seeing Through The Hype  (1pm - Eastern)  Register Today!

nVent Hoffman discusses the rapid advancement of chips and systems, constantly striving for increased speed and performance, has led data center professionals to explore liquid cooling technologies more extensively. The selection of appropriate technology for different applications carries substantial implications for system performance, reliability, and operational costs. It is important to note that liquid cooling is not a universally applicable solution. Therefore, we will examine various applications and liquid cooling technologies to determine the most suitable deployment scenarios. By doing so, we aim to provide a balanced perspective that contextualizes the media and market hype surrounding liquid cooling.

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