Selecting the Right PDU for your High Efficiency Data Center

March 9, 2016
Your data center is a critical part of your business? So how are you helping it run more efficiently? Learn how to deploy energy efficiencies with powerful PDU systems!

Today’s data center ecosystem sits at the heart of any organization. In fact, business agility directly revolves around the capabilities of IT. With the advancements around cloud, virtualization, mobility, and even IoT, it’s no wonder we’re seeing such a huge demand for high efficiency data center resources.

Because of these demands – we’re also seeing greater utilization around data center resources. With that in mind, power consumption in the data center continues to be a rising trend. The need to provide redundant power systems with high reliability and availability of compute resources is a major driving force for the increase in power utilization. Some data centers use just as much power for non-compute or “overhead energy” like cooling, lighting and power conversions, as they do to power servers. The ultimate goal is to reduce this “overhead energy” loss, so that more power is dedicated to revenue-generating equipment, without jeopardizing reliability and availability of resources.

Here’s the reality – There are many methods currently being implemented to reduce unnecessary power consumption in the data center—high-efficiency servers, thermal containment, server inlet temperature increase and reducing power conversion loss. In this whitepaper from CPI, we learn that when used in combination, these approaches can deliver low Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) values and reduce energy expenses.

So, where do you begin? As the paper points out, the path to achieving optimization with free cooling begins with good airflow management practices, as described in the U.S. Department of Energy’s publication Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Data Center Design. Solutions like those from Chatsworth Products (CPI) promote “free cooling” in data centers and brings an unmatched level of quality, expertise and efficiency to airflow management.

But it’s not just free cooling that helps with optimization. The goal has to be optimization around the entire data center control process. Download this whitepaper today to learn more about:

  • Selecting Rack-Mount Power Distribution Units For High-Efficiency Data Centers
  • Managing Power Properly in the Data Center of the Future
  • Achieve Power Optimization with Free Cooling
  • The Importance of a PDU with a High-temperature Rating

Moving forward, you’ll need to deploy PDU technologies which can withstand the heat loads of any hot aisle containment and can support the growing industrywide demand for new solutions like High Performance Computing (HPC), virtualization and cloud computing.

About the Author

Bill Kleyman

Bill Kleyman is a veteran, enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management and deployment. Bill is currently a freelance analyst, speaker, and author for some of our industry's leading publications.

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