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Improving Data Center Reliability and Efficiency by Solving Power Quality Pain Points

April 12, 2023
Learn how power quality effects data center performance. Issues aren't invisible; you just need the right tools to bring them to light.

Electrical power is the lifeblood of the data center. A stable source of clean power must be present for any data center to operate. But the very equipment that runs in the data center is often the cause of power quality problems experienced throughout that data center. Fans, power supplies, rectifiers, transformers, pumps, and lighting ballasts can distort the available power waveform. The resulting sags, transients, and harmonics may make the infrastructure unreliable and inefficient.

This paper explains why measuring total harmonic distortion is essential to modern data centers and how having circuit breaker trip forensics available at the rack PDU makes sense to address several power pain points and explores:

  • What is power quality?
  • Sources of power quality issues
  • Effects of harmonics
  • Circuit breaker trip forensics
  • Steps to identify and address power quality issues

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