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Sustainability Advantages of HVO Fuel for Diesel Generators

April 19, 2023
There are many sustainability advantages of Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) for diesel generators. HVO is a fuel and sustainable energy source to replace fossil fuels like ultralow-sulfur diesel (ULSD) in the US and Non Road Diesel (NRD) in Europe.

By downloading this whitepaper, readers will gain an understanding of how HVO is a standardized and reliable renewable fuel with increased performances versus the first-generation FAME biodiesel. They will learn how HVO reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 by up to 90% through the product’s life cycle and how HVO is an economical way to reduce GHG without investing in expensive new technologies. Lastly, they will learn that HVO is a rapid and efficient response to the environmental challenges of reducing emissions to ensure a sustainable future for future generation.

Download now to learn:

  • How HVO reduces greenhouse gasses, emissions in fuel production
  • Fuel production, refining, and recycling, cost impact comparisons
  • Fuel standards, increased shelf life
  • Availability and projections of renewable diesel
  • And much more!


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