phoenixNAP Will Expand Campus with 500,000 SF Data Center

June 15, 2021
Cloud infrastructure company phoenixNAP will build a new 500,000 square foot data center as it expands its Phoenix campus to boost its customer capacity, It’s the latest sign of future growth for the Greater Phoenix data center market.

Cloud infrastructure company phoenixNAP will build a new 500,000 square foot data center as it expands its Phoenix campus to boost its customer capacity, the company said this week.

The project is the latest example of new construction in Phoenix, which has emerged as one of the world’s most popular markets for deploying new data center space. The phoenixNAP expansion is one of several announcements of new data center construction in Phoenix, including a new hyperscale campus in Mesa.

phoenixNAP was founded in 2010, with offerings including dedicated servers, colocation and a full cloud portfolio featuring Infrastructure-as-a-Service and bare metal servers. The company has acquired land adjacent to its 200,000-square-foot flagship data center in Phoenix, and plans a high-density facility to serve its growing customer base. The new data center will support 10 megawatts of critical load, the company said, with plans to add additional power capacity in the future.

“We are developing the phoenixNAP data center campus in Phoenix to help modern enterprises keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape by providing them with future-proof infrastructure and networking solutions,” said Ian McClarty, President of phoenixNAP.

phoenixNAP operates a carrier-neutral data center with two Meet-Me-Rooms housing over 40 carriers, including cloud on-ramps for AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect. The company also operates data center space in Ashburn, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Singapore and Belgrade, Serbia and has a presence in 17 markets around the globe.

Continued Growth in Phoenix

Although it operates across the globe, one of the best growth opportunities is right in its home market in Phoenix, according to McClarty.

“Poised to become the Silicon Desert, Phoenix offers businesses from all verticals tremendous opportunities for sustainable growth,” he said.

Phoenix has become one of the most dynamic data center growth markets in the U.S. Users have long sought space in Phoenix as an alternative to California locations with higher cost and disaster risk. The Phoenix market is home to more than 2 million square feet (SF) of commissioned data center space, making it the fifth-largest market for data center capacity in the U.S., trailing Northern Virginia, Silicon Valley, Dallas and Chicago.

The most extraordinary data point for the Phoenix market is the planned future capacity, which is now approximately 1.6 gigawatts (GWs) of power and nearly 8.8 million SF of space.

In May, an unnamed company sought approvals to invest at least $800 million in a new data center in the Elliot Road Technology Corridor in Mesa, which is already targeted for more than 700 megawatts of future data center development. European software firm Comarch has also recently unveiled plans for a small data center in Mesa.

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