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T&D World

Silicon Valley Utilities Gird for Surging Energy Demand Fed by New Data Centers

June 14, 2024
Indicative of the spike in Silicon Valley power demand linked to AI compute are several large projects by unnamed customers in PG&E's reported data project pipeline for the region...


Coolant Distribution Units: The Heart of a Liquid Cooling System

June 14, 2024
nVent's Abhishek Gupta explains why CDUs are at the core of driving the efficiencies that liquid cooling can bring to data centers, so choosing the right one is critical.
Image created by DALL-E 3, courtesy of EdgeConneX

Energizing the Future: How AI Innovations Power Sustainable Data Centers

June 7, 2024
Grids can take several different approaches to increasing the amount of clean or green energy consumed by their customers. Phillip Marangella, Chief Product and Marketing Officer...
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Making All the Right Moves for Further Cloud, AI and Nuclear Data Center Dominance

June 3, 2024
With a graceful CEO transition and continued announcements in the area of nuclear-powered U.S. data centers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) moves deliberately into the industry's megacampus...
VivaVerse Solutions

Houston Colocation Provider ViVaVerse Constructs 17 MW Microgrid for Data Center

June 1, 2024
Along with the microgrid, ViVaVerse Solutions’ ViVa Center in Houston comprises a mixed-use technology hub that will be home to a high-performance computing data center, more ...
Oklo  Aurora Powerhouse

Oklo Forges 20-yr. Nuclear PPA with Wyoming Hyperscale for 100 MW of Data Center Power

May 29, 2024
Oklo plans to build fast clean fission power along with nuclear fuel recycling capabilities.
Distributed Power Solutions

Bridging the Utility Gap with Temporary Power Solutions

May 29, 2024
David Velosa of Distributed Power Solutions explains how temporary power solutions can provide reliable power for the critical time between data center project initiation and ...
Siemens Smart Infrastructure

How Circuit Breaker Modernizations Can Help Improve Reliability in Data Centers

May 28, 2024
Ron Levasseur and Neil Tubman of Siemens Smart Infrastructure explain why it may be time to replace and modernize legacy circuit breakers in favor of newer devices and solutions...

Rethinking Resilience: Preparing Data Centers for the Next AI Wave

May 24, 2024
Tim Hysell, Co-founder and CEO of ZincFive, explains why the need for a resilient power infrastructure has never been more pressing for data center operators.