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State of the Network Industry Survey

Discover insights from over 300 IT professionals who shared their perspectives on critical topics shaping their work as they strive to uphold optimal service delivery, tackle ...

Embracing AI: Insights on Gen AI Deployments and Infrastructure Optimization

Do you feel like you're falling behind on AI by the day? Get caught up with our new eBook, which dives into real-world challenges and breakthroughs.

Solutions and Best Practices for Data Center Cooling

Understand the costs, benefits and options for different cooling strategies is critical to make a data center operationally successful. This ebook gives you a fast overview and...

Powering the Future: AI’s Impact on Data Center Design

Discover how AI's explosive growth drives unprecedented changes in power requirements, infrastructure planning, and spatial design. Gain insights into innovative strategies for...

Cybersecurity in Data Centers: Secure Your Critical Infrastructure

New cybersecurity threats throughout the data center campus necessitate a comprehensive understanding of both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems...

Data Center Development in an AI-Driven Market

The explosion of AI into the mainstream has driven massive changes in technology infrastructure and the data centers that support it. The industry is dealing with the massive ...

Plug and Play: The Emergence of Modular Data Centers

When it comes to data center delivery, timing is crucial.

Navigating Grid Gaps: Bridging the Utility Gap with Reliable Power Solutions

This whitepaper, "Bridging the Utility Gap: Powering Projects with Temporary Solutions," unveils a game-changing approach to maintaining seamless operations even in the absence...

The Path to Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality in Data Center Infrastructure Management

Intense pressure is being put on organizations to operate in a more sustainable manner by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Our new expert paper details how companies can...

Healthcare Enterprise Data Center Modernization Success Story

Find out how a North American healthcare provider successfully modernized its legacy data centers using digital twin technology.

An Enterprise Guide to Navigating Edge Computing in the Age of HPC

Discover the transformative alliance between edge computing and high-performance computing in our playbook. Explore how their synergy revolutionizes data processing and insights...

Faster Deployment and Monetization of Hyperscale and Edge Data Centers

This application note makes a case for the use of multi-functional instruments and test process automation (TPA) during data center construction and commissioning, which is proven...

Powering data centers sustainably in an AI world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Friend or Foe of Sustainable Data Centers?

Diesel Generator Maintenance - Feasibility and Benefits of No-Load Exercising

Discover how to tackle wet stacking in diesel generators. Learn about engine slobber, its impact on performance, and cost-effective solutions. Optimize generator sizing and load...

Liquid Cooling: A Sustainable Revolution in Data Center Efficiency

Liquid Cooling is More Sustainable. And it’s coming to a data center near you.

Influencing Factors in Data Center Enclosure Design

The right enclosure solution can lower cost, reduce heat, reduce maintenance, boost energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This ebook gives you a detailed analysis of the variables...

Navigating Liquid Cooling Architectures for Data Centers with AI Workloads

An increasing number of servers require liquid cooling systems to support AI workloads.

Generative AI Network Solutions Guide

Explore the innovative network infrastructure solutions that will help you easily design, deploy, and scale back-end, front-end, and storage network fabrics for complex high-performance...

2024 Global Data Center Outlook

Rapidly expanding data needs accelerate growth and drive investor interest, even as headwinds persist

Sustainable Data Centers – Map Your Values with Your Business Objectives

Every sustainability journey is unique but the successful ones start with a tailored roadmap. This white paper explores mapping your data center’s ESG goals with business objectives...

Case Study: Financial Services Build-To-Suit Data Center

As part of a comprehensive data center consolidation plan, leaders of one of the nation’s largest commercial banks ascertained the need for a new core data center that would complement...

Microgrids: Data Center Energy Delivery for a Digital Economy

Data centers face rising demands and challenges. Explore microgrids: enhancing resiliency, reducing emissions, and transforming power delivery. Adapt to the evolving energy challenges...

Revolutionizing Safety: The NFPA® 70B Standard Just Got Overhauled

A deep dive into the 2023 NFPA® 70B Standard for Electrical Maintenance.

AI Ready Data Center Infrastructure Customer Solution Brief

AI made extraordinary advances this year, driven by phenomenal uptake in generative AI apps such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. This brief provides an overview of the outlook, drivers...

The Current State of Power Constraints for New Data Center Construction

Data center construction is encountering major challenges in accessing grid-supplied power. With project timelines being stretched while power infrastructure is expanded, where...

The Changing Dynamics of On-site Power Generation

As data centers seek to address emerging needs around decarbonization, grid constraints, local regulations and the demands of intensifying IT loads, the role of onsite power generation...
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Future-Ready Data Centers

Sustainable Design for Reliability and Continuity
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A Playbook for Creating Secure Financial Services IT Environments

There is no greater risk to a financial services organization than a data breach where information is leaked or tampered with. Understanding the complexities of IT security and...
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A Strong After-Sales Support System Is Crucial When Acquiring Data Center Elements

When acquiring data center elements like HVAC systems or backup power supply, the sale and delivery of the equipment are important factors. However, so is a strong after-sales...