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Microgrids: Data Center Energy Delivery for a Digital Economy

Data centers face rising demands and challenges. Explore microgrids: enhancing resiliency, reducing emissions, and transforming power delivery. Adapt to the evolving energy challenges...

Revolutionizing Safety: The NFPA® 70B standard just got overhauled

A Deep Dive into the 2023 NFPA® 70B Standard for Electrical Maintenance

AI Ready Data Center Infrastructure Customer Solution Brief

AI made extraordinary advances this year, driven by phenomenal uptake in generative AI apps such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. This brief provides an overview of the outlook, drivers...

The Current State of Power Constraints for New Data Center Construction

Data center construction is encountering major challenges in accessing grid-supplied power. With project timelines being stretched while power infrastructure is expanded, where...

The Changing Dynamics of On-site Power Generation

As data centers seek to address emerging needs around decarbonization, grid constraints, local regulations and the demands of intensifying IT loads, the role of onsite power generation...
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Future-Ready Data Centers

Sustainable Design for Reliability and Continuity
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A Playbook for Creating Secure Financial Services IT Environments

There is no greater risk to a financial services organization than a data breach where information is leaked or tampered with. Understanding the complexities of IT security and...
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A Strong After-Sales Support System Is Crucial When Acquiring Data Center Elements

When acquiring data center elements like HVAC systems or backup power supply, the sale and delivery of the equipment are important factors. However, so is a strong after-sales...
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40 MW Data Center Delivered in 16 Months for Tech Company

A true story of a data center provider supporting one of the world’s largest technology companies, by delivering 40 MW of capacity in 16 months, and enabling their ambitious vision...
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The Art of Two-Phase, Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling

Educational white paper for the scientifically minded evaluator of data center liquid cooling technologies.
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Hyperscale and 5G: the Future is Now

Hyperscale ecosystem technologies – combined with cloudification and 5G – are turning the unprecedented challenges of demand for memory, bandwidth, computing power, storage, and...
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Rising Power Densities in the Data Center Starts with an Integrated Cabinet

As data centers deploy emerging digital services, they face rising rack power densities resulting in higher heat generation. More effective cooling solutions are needed to prevent...

North America Data Center Report

The first half of 2023 witnessed robust growth in the data center market; however, most major and secondary markets are struggling with a supply and demand imbalance, leading ...
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eGuide: Partnering to Create Data Centers of the Future

From new builds to expansion and modernization, see how data center solutions, software and services can help with your project. Explore our eGuide.
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Benchmarking the Reliability of Static UPS Systems

MCIM conducted a review of more than 3,500 static UPS systems in its global portfolio to help executives benchmark their performance against equipment in data centers across the...
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Digital Transformation and the Energy Transition

Compared to many sectors, commercial data centers are universally engaged in digitalization. For a comprehensive look, download our 2023 data center progress report.
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Silicon Superjunction MOSFET Technology – “The Overlooked Solution”

Learn how the development of the next generation Superjunction Power MOSFET technology will enable higher voltage DC power distribution systems to improve power conversion and...
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The Foundation of Electrical Digital Twins: Maintaining Accurate SLDs

Poor management of single line diagrams can lead to design errors, construction rework, longer mean-time-to-repair, or worse - safety hazards that lead to injury or death. In ...
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Comprehensive Best Practices For a Successful Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

A lot can go wrong with a migration to a multi tenant data center (MTDC). Do you understand all the physical infrastructure, design requirements & strategic considerations that...

The Benefits of Shifting From Traditional to Condition-Based Maintenance

The recent code changes and requirements for electrical distribution are clear, but what are the benefits to you?
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Data Center & Infrastructure Report

The global shift in health, business and technology in the aftermath of the pandemic is still reshaping IT landscapes. In response, IT teams continue to evolve strategies that...
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Data Center Predictive Maintenance Made Easy

Data center availability and energy efficiency are two very important aspects when downtime has a financial impact. To detect problems at an early stage and avoid unpleasant surprises...
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Advancements in Rack PDU Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics Greatly Improve Uptime

Data center operators need a better way to address power quality and monitor the IT load. Discover how intelligent PDUs with advanced power quality metrics and diagnostic tools...
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Water-Based Fire Protection for Data Centers

Preaction system fire protection solutions for data centers are a cost-effective and vastly effective solution.

Optimizing your data center TCO strategy

For data center owners and operators, it is essential to consider a TCO strategy to visualize and break down the cost of maintaining and using a data center over its lifetime....
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Six Steps to Resiliency: When Energy Demands Exceed Grid Capacity

When data centers can no longer rely solely on the traditional power grid, they must seek creative solutions. Reliable, accessible and affordable power is a competitive advantage...
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Direct Liquid Cooling - The Ultimate Guide for Data Centers

As power demands on data centers continue to rise, so do issues with heat and cooling. Research shows that direct liquid cooling, when paired with air-cooling strategies, improves...
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The Data Center Innovation Will Change the Way You Think About Liquid Cooling

The demand for high density servers and high-performance computing continues to grow – as does the amount of heat generated by all this computing power. Data center operators ...