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Understanding PFAS Concerns for Two-Phase Cooling of Data Centers

Feb. 9, 2024
Not all PFAS are “forever” chemicals: Unraveling the complexity.

Courtesy of AFL

Hyperscale Rising

Feb. 21, 2024
Alan Keizer and Keith Sullivan of AFL explore the growth and evolution of hyperscale computing from being a nice-to-have to a must-have.

Tencent Commissions 10+ MW Microgrid for Cloud Data Center in China

Feb. 7, 2024
Tencent has also been installing photovoltaic panels on rooftops at its facilities across China for several years to power its operations.

Ongoing Developments In Nuclear Power Generation Thicken Plot for Data Centers

Feb. 6, 2024
Can nuclear successfully become the power generation of choice for data center sustainability?
Modius - DCIM

Existential DCIM: How New Trends in Data Center Monitoring Inform Facility Operations and Planning

Feb. 5, 2024
New software and hardware advancements have cemented and expanded data center infrastructure management (DCIM) technology as a universally avowed necessity of modern data centers...
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Exploring Adaptive Reuse as a Sustainability Strategy

Feb. 2, 2024
Sean Farney, Vice President of Data Center Strategy for the Americas at JLL, explains why it's time to gamify circularity with carbon accounting credits.
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Data Centers Take Note: NRC Meets with FERC, NERC on Future of Nuclear Power

Jan. 29, 2024
The most recent meeting between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) featured a guest appearance by the North American Electric...
Microsoft Data Center - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Microsoft Knows Future of Data Center Power Will Be 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'

Jan. 25, 2024
Microsoft gets that the future of data center power isn't either/or, but rather an "all of the above" proposition. The cloud giant has this month again demonstrated how it knows...
Edged Energy
MERLIN Edged Barcelona Data Center

Edged Energy Builds Gigawatt-Scale Network of Data Centers Globally, Focused on Sustainability

Jan. 18, 2024
For its growing worldwide network of data center campuses, Edged Energy is focused on deploying mission critical infrastructure in a sustainable way at scale.