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DCF Show Talks With Natron Energy's Brian Kennedy

DCF Show: Natron Energy's Sodium-Ion Battery Technology for Data Centers

Dec. 5, 2023
For this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, we sit down with Brian Kennedy, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Natron Energy, a manufacturer of sodium...

Stream Data Centers

Data Center Development in an AI World

AI has gone mainstream, and the impact is reverberating everywhere. Mike Licitra, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at Stream Data Centers, has been watching the trend ...
Start Campus
Start Campus Sines Data Center

Data Center Execs from Portugal's Start Campus Resign Under Bribery, Corruption Probe

Dec. 1, 2023
Far-reaching corruption probe is focused on the Stines Data Center project by Start Campus, as well as lithium mining and green-hydrogen production projects.

DCF Podcast: Operationalizing Renewables in the Data Center

Dec. 1, 2023
For this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, DCF's Editor in Chief Matt Vincent chats with Brian Green, EVP Operations, Engineering and Project Management, for EdgeConneX...

As SMRs Stumble, Will Microreactors Find a Home In the Data Center Industry?

Nov. 29, 2023
The development of microreactors, originally driven by military needs, may see them finding use on data center campuses by the end of the decade.
Google / Fervo Energy
Google / Fervo Energy - Nevada Geothermal Site for Data Centers

Google, Fervo Turn Up Geothermal Energy System to Support Nevada Data Centers

Nov. 28, 2023
Via a project years in the making with partner Fervo Energy, Google has begun fully operating a geothermal energy system to support its data centers in Nevada.
Cabinets inside a data hall in an EdgeConneX data center facility. (Photo: EdgeConneX)

Supplying Clean Power: Utilities and Power Grids

Raj Chudgar, Chief Power Officer at EdgeConneX, explains how Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) can diversify the use of clean energy sources and power a carbon-free future for data centers...
Dcf Show Legend Ea

DCF Show: Traversing the Data Center Power Market with Legend Energy Advisors

Nov. 7, 2023
DCF's editors spoke with Legend EA's founder and CEO, Dan Crosby, about the finer points of analyzing and optimizing data center power usage and efficiency from “both sides of...
Source: Chatsworth Products
Source: Chatsworth Products

Digital Resilience: Merging IT Growth with Environmental Responsibility

John Thompson, Field Application Engineer for Chatsworth Products, explains why the right cabinet ecosystem is a cornerstone in promoting and improving eco-friendly practices....