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Comprehensive Best Practices For a Successful Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

Sept. 12, 2023
A lot can go wrong with a migration to a multi tenant data center (MTDC). Do you understand all the physical infrastructure, design requirements & strategic considerations that precede a successful deployment?

It’s critical to get each piece right in order to set your company up for successful and smooth operations with minimal downtime.

In this comprehensive ebook pulled together by industry experts, get a look at best practices covering the eight stages of planning, designing, deploying and integrating day two operations of an enterprise’s data center assets in an MTDC environment including:

  • Defining IT requirements
  • MTDC planning and what to ask for
  • Migration planning
  • Defining the right scope or RFP to the MTDC
  • Designing a successful migration
  • Data center fit-outs and installation
  • Migration
  • Day 2 operations

Download your copy now.

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