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The Foundation of Electrical Digital Twins: Maintaining Accurate SLDs

Sept. 15, 2023
Poor management of single line diagrams can lead to design errors, construction rework, longer mean-time-to-repair, or worse - safety hazards that lead to injury or death. In this whitepaper, learn about the benefits of digitizing your SLDs.

Electrical single-line diagrams (SLDs) provide engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel with critical information needed to efficiently design,  safely operate, and maintain electrical distribution networks. Today, electrical design software and services exist that can maintain and digitalize SLDs beyond simple 2D CAD drawings by creating a “digital twin” of the electrical infrastructure. Accurate, well-maintained SLDs offer safety, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits throughout the lifecycle of the site. This paper explains how this value is achieved and how accurate SLDs are created, how digitalized SLDs are defined, their value, and considerations for creating and managing SLDs yourself versus outsourcing a vendor.

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