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Benchmarking the Reliability of Static UPS Systems

Oct. 3, 2023
MCIM conducted a review of more than 3,500 static UPS systems in its global portfolio to help executives benchmark their performance against equipment in data centers across the industry.

Ensuring uptime and limiting downtime is critical for data centers, making their Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) essential to operations. A UPS system provides power to equipment when the primary power source goes offline, either for maintenance or due to unplanned outages. Knowing your data center invests in the equipment that meets your needs and tracking KPIs is critical to keep your operations up and running.

In this report, MCIM explores the most prominent Static UPS brands in use across today's global marketplace and shows industry averages for:   

  • Comparative Failure Rates by UPS Brand 
  • Dynamic Failure Trends by Lifecycle Stage 
  • Mean Time Between Failures 
  • Mean Time To Repair 
  • Top Failure Modes

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