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Data Center & Infrastructure Report: Priorities and Challenges in 2024

Dec. 6, 2023
This year, over 1,000 IT professionals participated in a survey about their organization’s IT decision-making, actions and plans. Read Service Express’ sixth annual report to see their responses and gain insights from data center experts.

The 2024 Data Center & Infrastructure Report shares responses from IT teams across the US and Europe about their infrastructure priorities, workload deployment methods, sustainability practices and more. 

Key findings:

  • Due to ongoing supply chain issues, extending equipment life remains a top cost-saving and sustainability measure.
  • While on-premises is still the leading option, IT leaders continue reevaluating where to house workloads to achieve the best performance and reduce costs.
  • Facing employee turnover and limited budgets, companies must prioritize providing an engaging work environment to attract and retain talent.


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