Frontier Spotlight: November’s Top Data Center Articles

Dec. 2, 2017
Cloud computing continues to drive business growth and headlines, as reflected in the most popular stories at Data Center Frontier during November.

Winter is coming, and the outlook for the data center industry is both cloudy and bright. Cloud computing continues to drive business growth and headlines, as reflected in the most popular stories at Data Center Frontier during November. Readers were most interested in stories that focused on the boom in data center construction for Amazon Web Services. .

In November, DCF featured Amazon’s plans for data center growth in Northern Virginia, an already hot market for colocation, as well as AWS’ pursuit of power deals to support up to 12 more data centers in Ohio.

Here are November’s top data center articles at Data Center Frontier, ranked by page views:

Amazon Plans Epic Data Center Expansion in Northern Virginia: Amazon Web Services is working with a data center developer to build 11 new data centers in Northern Virginia in 2018-19, which would add 2 million SF of cloud capacity.

Equinix: We’re Ready to Pursue Larger Cloud Deals: Equinix says it will pursue larger deals with hyperscale Internet companies, a move that further blurs the lines between the “retail” colocation and wholesale data center business models.

Amazon Pursues Power Deal for 12 More Ohio Data Centers: Amazon Web Services says it may build another 12 data centers in Ohio, and might add more cloud campuses in the state – if it can get discounts on power.

Edge Computing 101: A Guide to the Emerging Players: Edge computing is a hot topic. Here’s our guide to the new players on the edge, which includes both startups and established names in the data center sector.

Data Center Design: How to Think Like an Architect: The future of the data center architect is direct integration with business, applications, and IT teams during the design process, writes Bill Kleyman.

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Voices of the Industry

Within Data Center Frontier’s Voices of the Industry columns in November, company names such as RagingWire Data Centers, Sunbird Software and CommScope stood out from the pack when it came to page views. Read more on building data centers, edge data center management challenges and MPO systems:

How to Build Data Centers Faster, Better, and More Cost Effectively: There is no question that the data center market is booming. And client expectations are changing as well. Brian Mattson, Vice President of Construction at RagingWire Data Centers, analyzes how to accelerate the pace of modern data center construction while staying under budget and improving quality.

5  Edge Data Center Management Challenges: Edge data centers are cost-effective options that are just as mission critical as their traditional enterprise counterparts but have their own set of management challenges. Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software, explores challenges of edge data center deployments, the data and capabilities you need to effectively manage these data centers, and why DCIM software is a critical enabler for achieving success at the edge.

Choosing the Right Multimode MPO System for Your Data Center: The need to deliver higher speeds is placing increasing demands on data center networks. To maximize throughput and density, recent considerations are favoring multi-fiber interfaces. Jim Young, Director of CommScope’s Enterprise Data Center division, explores how to choose the right multimode multi-fiber push on system — or MPO system — for your data center.

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