Frontier Spotlight: The Top Data Center Stories for September 2017

Oct. 2, 2017
Many of September’s hot topics in the data center industry were focused on the future. But Hurricane Harvey reminded the industry, and its customer, of the value of uptime during the storm.

Many of September’s hot topics in the data center industry were focused on the future: A huge new campus for Digital Realty, Facebook embracing server heat recycling, the impact of hyperscale leasing on the whole data center market, and the rise of connectivity providers leveraging software-defined networking. But perhaps the most compelling stories of September was anchored in the industry’s oldest core competence: uptime. During Hurricane Harvey, data center providers faced unprecedented rain and flooding and kept customers online throughout.

Here’s a look at September’s ‘s top five stories at Data Center Frontier, ranked by page views:

Digital Realty Readies Massive Expansion in Ashburn: As Digital Realty completes its acquisition of DFT, it prepares to deliver the first phase of a massive new campus in Ashburn, Virginia.

Using Servers to Heat Homes: Facebook Embraces Heat Recycling: Facebook will use heat energy from servers in its data center in Denmark to warm up to 6,900 nearby homes through a district heating system.

How Houston’s Data Centers Weathered the Storm: In the midst of calamity of Hurricane Harvey, Houston’s data center teams kept their facilities online. Many of the key decisions that kept Houston online were made years ago, during the site selection process.

How Hyperscale Will Disrupt the Data Center Market: Hyperscale will represent 47 percent of all installed data center servers by 2020. This is the first of three entries in a Data Center Frontier series that explores how hyperscale will disrupt the data center market.

PacketFabric Grows as SDN Simplifies Data Center Networking: PacketFabric is among a group of startups bringing the power of software-defined networking (SDN) to multi-tenant data centers, disrupting the way connectivity is bought and provisioned.

Voices of the Industry

Our Voice of the Industry feature showcases guest articles on thought leadership. Here’s a look at the most popular Voices posts from September:

A Look at the Data Center of the Future: From the vantage point inside today’s datacenter it’s a safe bet that the pace of change in datacenters will accelerate over the next decade and beyond. Raritan asked the datacenter experts at 451 Research to examine the forces of change over the next decade so that they could share predictions about new datacenter types, and to suggest ways to get ready for the future.

Industrial Internet of Things and the Data Center: You’ve heard a lot about the Internet of Things and how mountains of data will soon overwhelm your servers, networks, and data centers. But have you head how the Industrial Internet of Things could change the landscape? Shay Demmons, EVP and General Manager of the RunSmart software division at BASELAYER, explains the ins and outs of this new development.

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