The Importance of DDoS Protection in a Connected World

March 7, 2023
Learn about powerful new tools that can help your data center manage and secure its digital infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

As customers continue to shift to the cloud and colocation services, security threats like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. How can you protect your infrastructure and the availability of your services? 

Get the full report: The Security Gap: DDoS Protection in a Connected World

The Security Gap: DDoS Protection in a Connected World, featuring A10, explains how powerful new tools can help your data center manage and secure its digital infrastructure from DDoS attacks. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

Why You Need DDoS Protection in a Connected World: Modern connectivity requirements have given organizations many new services and challenges. In our first article, we explain why it's time to review modern DDoS threats and the tools you use to protect your business and customers.

The State of Cybersecurity: The DDoS Threat: Maintaining constant connectivity is paramount to a data center’s success as a critical infrastructure industry. However, with new DDoS threats, ensuring uptime becomes more challenging. In our second article, we outline the state of cybersecurity and DDoS and why hope is not a good strategy against these very real new security threats.

Why DDoS is More Dangerous for Cloud and Data Center Providers: DDoS attacks are now an everyday occurrence. In our third article, we focus on how DDoS impacts the daily lives of data center professionals and why they are so dangerous. We explore the differences between legacy and modern protection and provide a checklist to help you determine if you’re working with a legacy defense solution.

Industry-Leading Tools to Mitigate DDoS Threats: In our final article, we shift our attention to defending against DDoS threats. We provide tips for detecting malicious traffic and five quick steps to address DDoS challenges. We also provide guidance on what to look for when selecting a modern DDoS solution.

Download the entire report, The Security Gap: DDoS Protection in a Connected World, featuring A10, to learn more.

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Kathy Hitchens has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. She focuses on the renewable energy, electric vehicle, utility, data center, and financial services sectors. Kathy has a BFA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from the University of Denver.  

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