How to Choose the Right Diesel Backup Generator Technology

Aug. 28, 2023
The business of backup diesel power generation is changing, allowing new technologies, regulations, and a focus on environmental issues to define the players in the field.

It used to be that when you needed a new diesel backup generator, the only thing you had to look for was quality. Certainly, quality remains a dominant part of the conversation, but it’s no longer the sole consideration. Concerns about the environment and long-term sustainability are increasingly influencing technology decisions.

Choosing the Right Technology for Diesel Backup Generators, featuring Kohler, explores how new technologies, regulations and a focus on environmental issues has changed the backup generator landscape. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

Top-Level Issues to Consider When Selecting Backup Generator Technology: What are the issues you face when selecting the right backup generator technology for your needs? We kick off our article series by looking at three of the key top-level issues you should consider when making a purchase decision: supply chain, resiliency and uptime, and sustainability and environmental impact.

Understanding No-Load Maintenance: In our second article, we explain no-load maintenance why modern diesel engines don’t need to follow the same exercising practices required by older models. We look at the new technologies and manufacturing processes that have improved operating efficiencies and reduced emissions, as well as the use of alternative, more sustainable fuels.

What is Diesel Tier Certification?: To reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions from non-road diesel engines, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced emissions standards for in 1996. The current standard is called Tier 4, and it is the strictest of the regulations to date. In our third article, we explain how diesel tier certification works and why operators looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly backup generator must opt for a Tier 4 solution.

When Data Is King, Make Sure It's Protected: The right generator is an integral part of protecting the data in your facilities. We conclude our article series with advice on how to design your data center so that backup power doesn’t become a roadblock in the future development of your site. 

Download the entire report, Choosing the Right Technology for Diesel Backup Generators, featuring Kohler, to learn more.

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