About Us

Data Center Frontier charts the future of data centers and cloud computing. We write about what’s next for the Internet, and the innovations that will take us there.

The data center is our prism. We tell the story of the digital economy through the facilities that power the cloud and the people who build them. In writing about data centers and thought leaders, we explain the importance of how and where these facilities are built, how they are powered, and their impact on the Internet and the communities around them. Data Center Frontier is a publication of Endeavor Business Media.

Why Data Center Frontier

At Data Center Frontier, we focus on cutting-edge innovation in design, efficiency and scalability. We dive into the details and take a comprehensive look at trends, and the industry.

  • New Frontiers in Geography: The Internet is transforming society, and in coming years, the benefits of connected business will spread into new regions, including “second-tier” markets and eventually regions of the world that currently have limited access to the Internet. Wireless will serve as the on-ramp for millions of new users, as connectivity is boosted by new means.
  • New Frontiers in Design: New markets will require new approaches to data center design, creating facilities that can operate with very different climate and energy profiles. This will require major innovation in the way data centers are designed, built and powered.
  • New Frontiers in Advertising: Brands are seeking new ways to connect with customers. It’s time to start new types of conversations that build deeper connections. At Data Center Frontier, we convene these conversations between our sponsors and readers.