Executive Roundtable

The Data Center Frontier Executive Roundtable is a feature showcasing the insights of thought leaders on the state of the data center industry, and where it is headed. At the close of each quarter, we convene a conversation between a group of experienced executives from the data center, colocation and cloud computing industries. The questions change to address the latest industry developments, including trends in data center design, site selection, cooling and business models.
DCF Q4 Executive Roundtable 2024

Executive Roundtable: Envisioning Cloud, AI and ML Demands for Data Centers' Next 20-Year Cycle

Dec. 11, 2023
In the first installment of our Q4 Executive Roundtable, four industry leaders share their opinions on escalating AI, ML and traditional cloud requirements as the data center ...

Stream Data Centers

Data Center Development in an AI World

AI has gone mainstream, and the impact is reverberating everywhere. Mike Licitra, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at Stream Data Centers, has been watching the trend ...
Dcf Executive Roundtable Q3 2023

Roundtable Recap: Tier Status of U.S. Data Center Markets, AI Inflection Point Forecasts, Investor Outlook

Sept. 25, 2023
Our Data Center Executive Roundtable for the Third Quarter of 2023 explored up-and-coming U.S. data center markets, forecasts for near-term AI demand in data centers, and the ...
Involta's Northpointe Data Center in Armstrong County, PA.

Data Center Insights: Jim Buie of Involta

Sept. 22, 2023
Involta's President and CEO concludes that harmony among data center investors, operators, and customers is found in being in the right location at the right time.
Schneider Electric
Schneider Elec Dc

Data Center Insights: Joe Reele of Schneider Electric

Sept. 22, 2023
Joe Reele of Schneider Electric observes that, when considering AI from the hyperscalers' perspective, there are factors that need to be taken into account across the entire fabric...
EdgeConneX Denver data center.

Data Center Insights: Kevin Imboden of EdgeConneX

Sept. 22, 2023
Kevin Imboden, Global Research Director for EdgeConneX, says that what makes for a happy data center ecosystem is what makes every business in every industry happy: shared expectations...
Prefabricated modular data center.

Data Center Insights: Matt Zieg of Vertiv

Sept. 22, 2023
Matt Zieg, VP of Global Strategic Accounts for Vertiv, offers a word of caution to data center stakeholders: despite the advantages of inexpensive land and power, building outside...
Photo 261503373 © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com
Dreamstime M 261503373

Happy Families: Data Center Investor and Provider Relations Outlook

Sept. 22, 2023
We poll the seasoned leaders of our Executive Roundtable on their general outlook in counseling harmonious data center investor and provider relations.
Photo 280502964 © Transversospinales | Dreamstime.com
Generative AI rendering of a high-density data center hall.

Roundtable: Data Center Forecasts In AI's Inflection Point Year

Sept. 20, 2023
We asked our Executive Roundtable to forecast near-term data center AI demand, looking out from the pivotal year of 2023, as created by the rapid rise of LLMs such as ChatGPT,...