Cooling is one of the primary purposes of data centers. Data center cooling has been the focus of extraordinary progress, as innovations and the application of best practices have brought dramatic gains in energy efficiency. Chief among these improvements has been the use of free cooling, most notably air-side economization. Other techniques gaining traction include water-side economization, direct and indirect evaporative cooling. At Data Center Frontier, we're also tracking innovations in liquid cooling to handle high-density workloads in high performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing. These include the use of warm water cooling, immersion cooling, phase change cooling technologies. Liquid cooling has been adopted at the row, rack and chip in different implementations.
Digital Realty

Digital Realty Adds Direct Liquid Cooling for High-Density Colocation in 170 Data Centers Globally

May 18, 2024
Digital Realty this week unveiled expanded high-density deployment support for liquid-to-chip cooling in service of AI and data-intensive applications.


Unpacking CDU Motors: It’s Not Just About Redundancy

May 15, 2024
Matt Archibald, Director of Technical Architecture at nVent, explores methods for controlling coolant distribution units (CDU), the "heart" of the liquid cooling system.

Moves by Vertiv and Schneider Electric Typify Data Centers' AI Power and Cooling Lift for NVIDIA GPUs

May 1, 2024
Recent power moves by market leaders Vertiv and Schneider Electric in the direction of NVIDIA and AI typify a larger trend conspicuously rippling through the data center industry...
Data Center Frontier

Podcast: ZutaCore Executives Recap NVIDIA GTC Data Center Liquid Cooling Playbook

April 30, 2024
At GTC in March, ZutaCore showcased its direct-to-chip, waterless liquid cooling technology, and announced support for the NVIDIA H100 and H200 Tensor Core GPUs to help maximize...

For AI and HPC, Data Center Liquid Cooling Is Now

April 5, 2024
No longer on the horizon, liquid cooling technology moves front and center thanks to NVIDIA and massive data center power demands.
Data Center Frontier

Podcast: NVIDIA, Equinix, JetCool Talk Data Center Liquid Cooling, GTC 2024 AI Conference Trends

April 2, 2024
The discussion begins with a focus on the latest data center industry insights in the context of products, partnerships, and trend-leadership as revealed at the NVIDIA GTC 2024...
Rich Miller / Data Center Frontier

Hybrid Data Center Designs Offer Flexibility for Transition to Liquid Cooling

March 27, 2024
Liquid cooling adoption is growing, but air cooling will be around for many years. Data center experts see new builds shifting to flexible hybrid approaches that can support both...
Courtesy of Stream Data Centers

Ready for AI? Not Until You’ve Overcome These 3 Challenges

March 1, 2024
Supporting AI deployments is easy to say and hard to do. Stuart Lawrence, VP of Product Innovation & Sustainability at Stream Data Centers and Mike Licitra, VP of Solutions Architecture...

Immersion Cooling Is Ready for its Big Moment in the Data Center

Feb. 29, 2024
With liquid cooling moving to center stage, immersion cooling no longer seems like a niche player.