Data Center Week is Here: What to Watch

June 20, 2022
It’s time for Data Center Week. Here’s a preview of some of the sessions for data center professionals, including several featuring members of the Data Center Frontier team, as well as hot topics like the path to 800G networking.

It’s time for Data Center Week, a great week of online content from Endeavor Business Media publications Data Center Frontier, Lightwave and Cabling Installation & Maintenance. Our focus is the systems, technologies, and practices that are moving data centers forward. Featured topics including the road to 800G, fiber-optic architectures and hardware, power consumption, pluggables, system testing and much more.

For our Data Center Frontier readers, we want to highlight several sessions that may be of particular interest.

The Dynamic Trends Shaping the Data Center Market

Tuesday, June 21, 2:30 p.m. Eastern
Data center users are focused on sustainability and flexibility. ESG and carbon compliance are front-of-mind for every enterprise, and COVID-19 has prioritized the ability to manage IT capacity and be more nimble. The growth of cloud computing and edge computing offers more options than ever. How do IT managers navigate? This discussion will be led by Data Center Frontier Editor Rich Miller and feature thought leaders from Iron Mountain, Prime Data Centers and Stream Data Centers, who share insights on the evolution of the data center, and how new approaches to infrastructure brings new opportunities. See more sessions …

Climate Friendly Practices: 2022 Trends and Technologies Impacting the Digital Landscape

Thursday, June 23, 1 pm Eastern
This session will cover the industry trends driving increased digitalization, and the growing emphasis on adopting climate-friendly growth strategies. Topics include the infrastructure innovations that are enabling data center operators to make responsible decisions about their supporting infrastructure, including technologies that support resource efficiencies, low carbon footprint, low water usage, and use of renewable and alternative energy. See the full agenda.

Where Are We on the Road to 800G and Above?

Tuesday, June 21, 11:30 am Eastern
Hyperscale operators are driving the push for ultra-fast networking technology to help build the data networks of the future. This session will examine the current state of play and offer insight into technology options and timing for 800G and beyond. Featuring Stephen Hardy (Lightwave and Broadband Technology Report), Kamlesh Patel (CommScope), John D’Ambrosia (Futurewei Technologies) and Sameh Boujelbene (Dell’Oro Group).

Meeting Power Requirements in the Enterprise Data Center

Wednesday. June 22, 10 am Eastern
This roundtable discussion will focus on the evolution of power provision in enterprise data centers, and the power-management tools available today. Featuring Patrick McLaughlin (Cabling Maintenance & Installation), James E. Spears (Eaton Corporation), Brian Kelly (Panduit) and Peter Panfil (Vertiv).

Check out the full agenda for more on this week’s panels,

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