NTT Global Data Centers Debuts, Plans $7 Billion Expansion

Jan. 24, 2020
NTT Global Data Centers plans to spend $7 billion on building new data centers, including new campuses in Hillsboro, Oregon and the Phoenix market.

HONOLULU – The new NTT Global Data Centers plans to spend $7 billion on building new data centers, adding capacity across multiple global markets, the company said this week.

“NTT is making a gigantic investment in the data center business, and we’re very excited about it,” said Douglas Adams, CEO of NTT Global Data Centers, Americas. “We’re filling out our platform, and commitment to build out data center infrastructure.”

As part of that investment, the Americas division – previously known as RagingWire Data Centers – has acquired land in Hillsboro, Oregon and the Phoenix market. The expansion provides NTT with data center campuses in seven markets across the United States, including production campuses in Northern Virginia, Dallas and Sacramento, and projects under development in Chicago, Santa Clara, Hillsboro and Phoenix.

New NTT Unit is Third-Largest Data Center Provider

NTT Global Data Centers was created through the consolidation of 28 IT brands owned by NTT Communications, including data center providers RagingWire, e-shelter, Gyron, Netmagic, NTT Nexcenter and Digital Port Asia.

The combined company operates more than 160 data centers spanning more than 20 countries, making it the third-largest global data center company, trailing only Equinix and Digital Realty.

This point was emphasized by NTT President and CEO Tetsuya Shoji as the company publicly launched the NTT Global Data Centers brand Monday at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC 2020) conference in Honolulu.

NTT executives said the consolidation highlights the full scope of the company’s infrastructure to the global data center industry, and provides customers with a more seamless global experience.

“Having one data center partner covering their global requirements makes it easier for clients to reach their business objectives, in a time where huge growth in cloud and data usage is creating a growing demand for data center capacity,” said Ryuichi Matsuo, Executive Vice President for NTT Ltd.’s Global Data Centers division. “So, we are bringing together our global data center businesses into one entity, offering a comprehensive end-to-end stack of data center solutions and services to support our clients’ demands.”

With 160 data centers spanning more than 20 countries, NTT Global Data Centers is the third-largest global data center company, trailing only Equinix and Digital Realty.

The new Global Data Centers division, under the leadership of Matsuo, consists of four regions that cover Americas, APAC, EMEA and India. In APAC, the platform locations include Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyberjaya, Bangkok and Jakarta. In EMEA, locations include London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid, and Johannesburg. In India, NTT Ltd. has significant data center operations in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, and Chennai.

A National Footprint Spanning the U.S.

The plan to rebrand RagingWire was announced in September, and has been gradually implemented across the company’s holdings and web properties.

Adams said the new NTT will enable customers to use a single MSA (master services agreement) across its global footprint, simplifying international expansions for corporate IT infrastructure. NTT’s products will also be harmonized to offer consistency across a global presence.

“Our clients are looking for things like single MSA and a common look and feel for their data centers,” Adams said. “We want to be easy to do business with.”

Masaaki Morbayashi (left), the Senior Executive Vice President for ICT Infrasructure Services at NTT Ltd. joins with Douglas Adams to launch the NTT Global Data Centers Brand at PTC20. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Adams says NTT Global Data Centers is positioned to compete in major markets across the U.S., and intends to have capacity to do so. “We want to ensure that we have continuous footprint available in all the markets we serve,” said Adams. “We’ve achieved a scale that allows us to build at an attractive cost.”

Here’s a look at the expansion projects underway for NTT Global Data Centers:

  • The NTT Hillsboro project is part of the growing data center cluster in the Portland market. The 47-acre campus is projected to house 144 megawatts of critical IT load, and 1 million square feet of data center space. The first of five buildings is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020.
  • Local media in the Phoenix area report that NTT/RagingWire has won approval to build a data center campus on a  100-acre property in Mesa, which could eventually expand to seven buildings and as much as 1.5 million square feet of space.
  • In Suburban Chicago, NTT has begun construction on a campus in Itasca, where it plans to deploy two purpose-built 36 MW data centers for a total of 72 MWs of capacity. The first phase of the project will offer a 6 MW data hall and come online in 2020.
  • In Santa Clara, NTT/RagingWire has cleared the land on a 3.3 acre property where it plans to build a four-story, 16 megawatt data center. The project is notable for its use of an earthquake defense system using base isolation.
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