The Year in Hyperscale: Facebook Accelerates Data Center Growth, Innovation

Dec. 27, 2018
It’s been a turbulent year for Facebook. Even as the social network has made headlines, it has continued to expand its massive global data infrastructure.

It’s been a turbulent year for Facebook. Even as the social network has  made headlines for Congressional hearings and personal data concerns, the company has continued to expand its massive global data infrastructure.

In 2018, Data Center Frontier has tracked Facebook’s continued growth and innovation in cooling technology, as well as advances in open compute hardware and data center facility design.

The company’s accelerated infrastructure expansion included moves into new markets – including five new cloud campus announcements in 15 months over 2017 and 2018 – as well as adding capacity on existing campuses.

Stay informed on the industry leader’s moves, and read on to get a full-picture view of the 2018 year in  colocation for Facebook:

Facebook Will Build $750 Million Data Center Campus Near Atlanta: Facebook’s data center infrastructure just keeps growing. The social network will invest $750 million in a new data center campus in Stanton Springs, Georgia, about 40 miles east of downtown Atlanta.

Facebook Accelerates its Data Center Expansion: Facebook is kicking its infrastructure growth into a whole new gear. The company has accelerated its data center construction program, announcing five new cloud campuses in 15 months.

Facebook Unveils New Hardware to Manage Network Traffic: Facebook has designed a distributed networking system to support the massive flows of data moving between its data centers. The debut of Fabric Aggregator lays the groundwork for even larger cloud campuses to come.

An illustration of Facebook’s planned 11-story data center in Singapore. (Image: Facebook)

New Design Helps Facebook Keep Cool in Hot Climates: A new cooling system will allow Facebook to efficiently expand its data center network in new places, including hot and humid climates. The membrane-based system was created by Facebook and cooling specialist Nortek.

Facebook Plans Colossal 11-Story Data Centers in Singapore: Facebook is expanding its data center network to Asia with a colossal 11-story, 1.8 million square foot facility that will be one of the largest data center structures ever built.

Facebook Expanding Prineville Campus to 3.2 Million SF: Facebook continues to accelerate its data center construction. The company will build two more data centers in Prineville, Oregon, which will be Facebook’s largest cloud campus.

Stay tuned to Data Center Frontier for Facebook news into 2019. 

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