Frontier Spotlight: The Top Data Center Stories for August 2018

Sept. 4, 2018
August’s top data center stories featured news from Digital Realty and CoreSite, as well as new developments for cloud data centers and smart cities.

August flew by, and Labor Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial end of summer. The late summer news from the data center and colocation industry included big moves from providers like CoreSite and Digital Realty.

August’s most-read stories on Data Center Frontier also highlighted a big shift for cloud data centers, as more of these large facilities are heading to the suburbs’s of America’s biggest cities. Additional top stories highlight the continued growth of the Dallas and Phoenix data center markets, and smart cities and the large role data centers will play in the evolution of this data-driven wave of the future.

Read on for the top 10 most popular data center stories for August 2018:

Cloud Data Centers Are Coming to the Suburbs: More huge data centers are coming to the suburbs of major American cities, shifting servers closer to consumers in places like Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix.

An aerial view of the CyrusOne Sterling II data center in Northern Virginia, a 30-megawatt project that was completed in 180 days. (Photo: CyrusOne)

Phoenix Data Center Market Poised to Enter Top 5 in USA: Explore the Phoenix data center market, which is in the midst of a building boom as leasing and demand for colocation providers surges. Data Center Frontier provides market analysis, information on the business environment and major players, and more.

Smart Cities Are Coming, And They’ll Need Data Centers: Smart cities promise to embed intelligence in urban environments, using fast wireless & digital services to improve the quality of life for residents. Data centers will be a key part of this vision.

 Clearing the Confusion: Defining the Layers of Edge Computing: Edge computing is a trend that is both buzzy and fuzzy. The good news: Stakeholders are working to clarify the infrastructure layers and use cases for edge, which has the potential to reshape America’s Internet infrastructure.

CoreSite Gets Go-Ahead for Huge Expansion in Northern Virginia: CoreSite has gotten the go-ahead to add 100 megawatts of data center capacity to its campus in Northern Virginia, providing expansion capacity in the world’s largest cloud computing hub.

Dean Bubley, a futurist at Disruptive Analysis, looked at latency in edge computing at the recent Datacloud Europe in Monaco. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Investing in Edge: The Customer Perspective and Decision-Making: How are companies making decisions about edge computing? Bill Kleyman looks at four real-world use cases of companies using edge strategies to save money and improve their delivery of mission-critical products and services.

Digital Realty Plans for Next Phase of Growth ion Silicon Valley, Manassas: Digital Realty has bought property in Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia, extending its blueprint for long-term growth in two key cloud computing hubs.

Dallas Data Center Development Suggests Confidence in Future Demand: The data center development activity in the Dallas region suggests growing confidence in the future growth of demand in the Greater Dallas market. A new Data Center Frontier Special Report series, courtesy of RagingWire Data Centers, gives readers a full-picture view of this growing data center market.

Energy Storage: Lead Acid Versus Lithium-Ion Batteries: This is the first entry in a four-part Data Center Frontier Special Report Series, in partnership with Liion, that explores the future of lithium-ion batteries and their impact on energy storage. This entry offers a comparison of the capabilities and characteristics of lead acid versus lithium-ion batteries.

The Power of Scale: Multi-Campus Deals Bring Energy Discounts: Cloud growth is providing opportunities for the largest data center developers to gain discounts on power pricing from utilities. A look at how Digital Realty is leveraging its scale in the power market.

Voices of the Industry

Last month, the most popular Voices of the Industry columns took a look at data center safety, the potential of on-demand connectivity and the changing role of the IT exec.

Data Center Frontier’s Voices of the Industry columns feature insight on the latest trends and developments in the data center and colocation industry from some of the industry’s biggest names:

It’s Time to Upgrade Data Center Safety: Phillip Sandino, Vice President of Data Center Operations at RagingWire Data Centers, examines how data center operators can better protect employees and clients from the hazards of electrical equipment.

On-Demand Connectivity: Colocation’s Secret Weapon: Randy Rowland, President of Data Center Services at Cyxtera, explores how choosing colocation operators that provide on-demand connectivity and data center services can help you advance your hybrid IT transformation.

Today’s Changing IT Executive Role: Charisse Richards, Vice President of IT and  Integration at Iron Mountain Data Centers, explores how digital transformation is reshaping the industry and the role of IT executives.

Voices of the Industry is a guest article program designed for partners of Data Center Frontier. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kevin Normandeau at [email protected]

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