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From Cloud-Native Applications to Composable Infrastructure: 5 New Realities at the Edge

July 8, 2022
DartPoints outlines five new realities at the edge from decentralization to cloud-native applications and composable infrastructure.

New demands from modern applications are demanding the data center industry redefine the edge. AI, machine learning, and gaming applications, for example, demand more real-time data than has traditionally been handled at the edge. To ensure that augmented glasses, an emerging technology that is expected to explode in the coming years, can deliver a seamless customer experience, connections with minimal latency will be imperative. Reliability is another area where edge requirements are shifting – soon, nothing short of nearly zero downtime will be acceptable.

This white paper from DartPoints outlines five new realities at the edge. The paper provides an overview of why decentralization, cloud-native applications, hybrid cloud, containerization, and composable infrastructure are critical to meeting the needs of modern applications.

The paper also outlines several common obstacles facing those organizations looking to evolve their network infrastructure and software stacks in response to shifting edge strategies. It provides insights and advice to overcome those challenges.