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Cloud-Based Gaming Company Case Study

March 18, 2021
A new white paper from Aligned presents a case study of their multi-year colocation partnership with a global cloud-based gaming company. The report outlines the challenges presented by the client, the solutions provided by Aligned, and three of the key business results achieved by the partnership.

A new case study from Aligned explores their multiyear colocation partnership with a cloud-based gaming company that offers players a graphics driven, immersive experience. The gaming company’s ultimate goal was to improve the real-time online experience for their gamers. The report outlines the challenges presented by the client, including need to deliver flexible solutions quickly, provide uninterrupted service during peak hours, and scale with the game’s business. The paper goes on to outline the flexible solutions provided by Aligned’s centrally located data center in Dallas, Texas.

The paper concludes by presenting three of the key benefits the client has achieved through this partnership, including economic, IT, and environmental benefits.