NYI Expands Into Former Equinix Space at 60 Hudson Street

Aug. 2, 2022
NYI is expanding its operations at 60 Hudson Street in New York into space formerly occupied by Equinix. NYI is expanding via a joint venture with QTD Systems, which acquired the facility from Equinix and plans to use part of the space to research quantum computing technology.

Colocation and managed service provider NYI is expanding its operations at 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan into space formerly occupied by Equinix. The expansion is the result of a joint venture with QTD Systems, which acquired the facility from Equinix and plans to use part of the space to research quantum computing technology.

The companies say the deal will provide continuity for customers at the former Equinix NY8 facility, while boosting the capacity and capabilities of NYI, which has operated at 60 Hudson for many years.

It’s also good news for 60 Hudson Street, the iconic New York carrier hotel, which is now the focus of expansion by both NYI and Hudson IX, which is investing in additional capacity at the building following its recent acquisition by Cordiant Digital Infrastructure.

NYI is an experienced player in Manhattan’s data center scene, providing managed services and interconnection services to enterprises and the financial sector. It has expanded its operations with facilities in Chicago and space in Long Island, Miami and Seattle. In recent years the company has focused on expanding its service offerings at 60 Hudson.

With this integration, NYI doubles its data center footprint and immediately expands the carrier ecosystem available to its customers at 60 Hudson. The expansion also includes significant additional conduit infrastructure, and NYI says it can now offer customers “access to unparalleled levels of resilience as they deploy their interconnection strategy.”

“With the accelerating pace of digital transformation, the role of 60 Hudson Street as the preeminent home for global carriers in New York City becomes invaluable in terms of meeting the growing connectivity needs of customers,” says Phillip Koblence, co-founder and COO of NYI. “With this integration, NYI grows in its ability to serve as the premier facilitator of access to this global interconnection gateway while making deployments at 60 Hudson Street simpler and more cost effective.”

A Quantum Future for 60 Hudson?

QTD Systems acquired the Equinix space in a transaction that closed on August 1. Equinix announced last year that it would not be renewing its lease at 60 Hudson Street as part of a broader strategic review of its leased data center space.

QTD Systems is led by Peter Feldman, who knows 60 Hudson Street well from his previous tenure at two companies in the building, DataGryd and Telx. Feldman has also been the CEO of Digital Crossroad data center development in Indiana.

QTD Systems will focus on developing the next generation of Quantum technology at the former NY8 facility, working in partnership with Novum Industria, which is also led by Feldman. Novum Industria is an MIT spinoff and member of the Quantum Economic Development Corp (QED-C), and says its technology includes “exploiting recent advances in High Temperature Superconducting materials to increase power grid efficiency and efficiency of data and telecom centers, and microgrids.”

“I have a long history at 60 Hudson Street, where I established several long-standing and still operational data center and connectivity businesses over the last twenty years,” said Feldman, the CEO of QTD Systems. “I look forward to NYI’s continued quality of services and their building upon Equinix’s 60 Hudson NY8 infrastructure in driving the future of interconnection.”

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