Digital Twin Technology Deployed at Innovative French Colocation Data Center

March 25, 2022
When looking to the future of the data center industry, the ability to remain agile, accommodate high density and be able to satisfy stringent carbon efficiency goals will be crucial. Future Facilities explores how an innovative French colocation data center provider uses digital twin technology to accomplish this.

A new white paper from Future Facilities presents a case study of how Thésée DataCenter, a French colocation data center provider, uses digital twin technology to deliver a unique, interactive experience for their customers.

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Colocation data centers, such as the Thésée DataCenter located just outside of Paris, must be able to quickly react to customer needs. To accomplish this, “the data center has been designed with agility and availability in mind,” according to the white paper. The author goes on to say that “as capacity requirements grow, the colocation provider will be able to upscale quickly without disruption. The whole data center is built on a modular design concept to facilitate this.”

The author asserts that while scalability is one of the key features of Thésée, the customer experience is even more noteworthy. “Customers will benefit from complete, realtime visibility of exactly what is going on in their data center space through a web service portal.” The paper outlines how the end-to-end integrated data center management system (DCMS) architecture from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will achieve this innovative customer experience. According to the paper, “the idea was that the customer could do whatever they needed to do concerning their data center space, all via one web portal interface.”

“Customers can access a marketplace where they can request and order services from a predefined catalog, approve them for implementation and then visualize them in their very own 6Sigma Digital Twin – an exact 3D digital replica of their own data center space.” – Future Facilities, Innovation in Colocation

The DCMS also includes several key components, including Future Facilities’ 6Sigma Digital Twin, which will provide an “overall view of how the data center is performing.”

A powerful AI and ML driven building management system (BMS) will also be deployed to help achieve the colocation provider’s energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Download the full report to learn more about the innovations employed at this colocation data center.

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