Frontier Spotlight: Top Data Center Stories for November 2018

Dec. 4, 2018
Frontier Spotlight November 2018 covers the latest movement in the Northern Virginia data center market, as well as closer looks at the economics of vertical data center design and Microsoft’s undersea data center.

Although many in the industry may have taken some time off as the holiday season got underway, it certainly didn’t slow movement and news stemming from the colocation biz. Data Center Frontier’smost popular stories for November includes a number of articles on the Northern Virginia data center market and the evolution of the Ashburn cluster.

Also, readers hear from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on why underwater data centers are the wave of the future and vertical data centers are making an impact on the industry.

Also learn more about how edge computing is changing the data center industry and beyond through Data Center Frontier’s latest edge computing special report. 

Read on for the top 10 data center stories from November 2018:

Ashburn: A Landscape Transformed by Cloud Computing: An unprecedented data center building boom in Northern Virginia offers early lessons on how the Internet knits itself into the fabric of modern life, and how data centers impact the life of a community.

Northern Virginia Data Center Market Approaches 1 Gigawatt: Northern Virginia is the focal point for the explosive growth of cloud computing, which has made it the world’s largest data center market. It is currently undergoing an extraordinary data center building boom, the likes of which the industry has never seen. A new Data Center Frontier series explores why the market is so hot.

Vertical Data Centers: ‘Watts Per Acre’ Guides Construction Economics: As developers build more vertical data centers, will “watts per acre” become the hot new metric? The 7×24 Exchange conference featured a detailed analysis of the economics of multi-story data centers.

One of the largest new buildings in Ashburn will be a new CloudHQ data center, shown during construction in October. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Microsoft CEO Nadella: Underwater Data Centers Are the Future: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company’s underwater data center, known as Project Natick, could play a key role in Microsoft’s future infrastructure.

Beyond Latency: How the Edge Could Transform Interconnection: Several data center startups view edge computing as part of  a fundamental shift in Internet architecture, moving network interconnection points from the core of the Internet to its outer perimeter.

In Expansion Mode, Aligned Energy Looks to the Future: Aligned Energy’s focus on intelligent infrastructure is gaining traction with customers, particularly those with high-density IT workloads. With a new financial partner, Aligned is expanding and looking for new growth opportunities.

Can Voice Assistants Play A Role in the Data Center?: Can voice assistants play a role in the data center? Bill Kleyman argues that they can, and says data center managers are intrigued about the possibilities for voice technology.

How Data Centers Power Wall Street and the Financial Sector: Data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Here’s a look at the many ways that Wall Street and the broader financial sector rely upon data centers, and the evolution of that relationship.

A look inside a DUG immersion-cooled data hall, showing the cooling enclosures filled with dieletric fluid and the piping where the cooling loop enters the enclosure.  (Photo: DownUnder GeoSolutions)

HPC Gets Bigger in Texas: 40,000 Servers, Immersed in Coolant: A new HPC system from DownUnder GeoSolutions will immerse 40,000 servers in liquid coolant at Skybox Datacenters in Houston. The massive system is expected to deliver 250 petaflops of computing power.

Understanding the Edge and the World of Connected Devices: The explosion of connected devices creates both challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to understand edge computing.

Voices of the Industry

Data Center Frontier readers also have access to expert insight and analysis through weekly columns from some of today’s top colocation leaders.

In November 2018, readers heard from top execs as Chatsworth Products, Intel Data Center Management Solutions and Vertiv on topics ranging from efficiency, and data center security to real-time solutions and more:

How Anthem Transformed its Legacy Data Center into a Model of Efficiency: Chatsworth Products’ John Thompson explores how Anthem, one of the largest healthcare companies in the country, transformed and modernized their legacy data center.

The New Security Model for IT: Detect and Respond: The detect-and-respond security model requires organizations to build capabilities from the lowest levels and deploy solutions that can distribute the detection, obfuscation and isolation throughout their networks. This approach applies to sensors and IoT devices, controllers in connected equipment, and at all gateway and bridge points to expand the ability to monitor their equipment and network in real-time.

Real-Time Data Solutions Will Transform the Data Center Industry in 2019: As data volumes explode, real-time solutions like data center management-as-a-service (DMaaS) are changing the data center landscape. Jeff Klaus of Intel Data Center Management Solutions, explores how real-time data solutions and new technology like edge computing are working to change and evolve the data center industry as we know it.

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