I Love Data Centers Podcast: Rich Miller on Data Center Media

July 2, 2018
Data Center Frontier founder Rich Miller recently sat down with Sean Patrick Tario of the “Love Data Centers” podcast, to talk about his career covering the data center industry and trends in digital infrastructure.

I recently sat down with Sean Patrick Tario, host of the I Love Data Centers podcast, to talk about my career covering the data center industry, and some trends in digital infrastructure business. It’s a long-form podcast, featuring about 90 minutes of discussion in which Sean and I cover a lot of ground.

If you’re not already familiar with it, the “I Love Data Centers” podcast was started by Sean last year as a way to showcase the experiences of many of the leading executives in the data center industry. It has quickly become a “must listen” podcast for folks who are serious about the data center industry, with ground rules emphasizing “no marketing fluffery of sales BS” ground rules.

Sean’s industry connections allow him to feature interviews with many executives who have been working in the data center sector for years, and sometimes decades. Sean is the CEO and Catalyst at Open Spectrum, and VP of the Cloud Elements Division of Microcorp, and has worked with many of the industry’s leading companies and facilities. It was a blast to spent dtime with Sean on the podcast. Here’s his introduction of our conversation:

“I have wanted to connect and talk shop with Rich for nearly a decade. Although we’ve talked a few times over the past few months about how we can partner together on the content side of our respective organizations, our conversation in this podcast covered new ground for me. Rich gives us insight into how he started as a journalist and the journey he has taken building both datacenterknowledge.com and datacenterfrontier.com while becoming one of the most well-known and respected authorities in the data center and cloud marketplace industries. Also enclosed is an enlightening conversation about the impact of alternative energy and crypto-mining operations within the data center industry.”

Data Center Frontier will indeed be partnering with Sean and Open Spectrum on upcoming content, including sharing more episodes of the I Love Data Centers podcast with our readers. Watch for more details in coming weeks.

About the Author

Rich Miller

I write about the places where the Internet lives, telling the story of data centers and the people who build them. I founded Data Center Knowledge, the data center industry's leading news site. Now I'm exploring the future of cloud computing at Data Center Frontier.

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