Frontier Spotlight: The Top Data Center Stories for May 2018

June 1, 2018
The most-read stories on Data Center Frontier last month focused on news from Google, LinkedIn and Intel. Stay informed and check out the Frontier Spotlight April 2018, featuring the most-read stories on Data Center Frontier.

The most popular stories on Data Center Frontier in May 2018 featured some big names in the industry, including Google, Intel and LinkedIn. 

In fact, LinkedIn is investing big in the EdgeCloud, which may be just one sign of an even bigger shift to edge computing in the data center industry.

Read on to check out the top 10 most-read stories on Data Center Frontier last month. Learn why Intel thinks it time to rethink the data center, and more:

Google Shifts to Liquid Cooling for AI Data Crunching: Google is shifting to liquid cooling for its latest version of its artificial intelligence hardware, as the heat generated by its new Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) has exceeded the limits of its previous data center cooling solutions.

Intel: It’s Time to Rethink the Data Center: At DCD Enterprise, Jason Waxman outlined Intel’s vision for a software-defined “composable” infrastructure that can optimize hardware resources for new workloads.

LinkedIn Plans for Huge Growth for the EdgeCloud: LinkedIn sees edge computing as a huge driver of infrastructure growth. The company has begun deploying edge data centers, and using the Open19 project as a platform for future design innovations to power smaller facilities.

New Real Estate Strategies Help Cloud Builders Grow Faster:Real estate lease structures are playing a larger role in the growth of cloud computing, as seen in two recent deals that have helped hyperscale tenants provision space faster and secure capacity for growth.

Jason Waxman, the VP and General Manager for Intel’s Cloud Platforms Group, speaking at DCD Enterprise in New York. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Equinix Hires Jim Smith for Hyperscale Data Center Initiative: Equinix has tapped industry veteran Jim Smith as its new Managing Director – Hyperscale, a sign that the colocation provider sees a significant opportunity in its expansion into hyperscale data center construction.

Smart Cities: A Platform for Urban Transformation: The technology to enable smart cities is close at hand, but political and cultural challenges will take longer to resolve. That was the key takeaway from a Think Tank on smart cities at the Infrastructure Masons Leadership Summit.

Coinbase Plans Low-Latency Colocation for Bitcoin Trading: Bitcoin specialist Coinbase is entering the market for low-latency colocation services, a move that could signal a shift in the data center industry’s relationship with the cryptocurrency world.

As Cloud Investment Surges, What’s the New Normal for Data Centers?: Hyperscale cloud builders are accelerating their data center build-outs as they add capacity for new customers. As investment surges to new highs, what will the “new normal” look like for the data center industry?

The exterior of the EvoSwitch data center in Amsterdam, which has been acquired by Iron Mountain. (Photo: EvoSwitch)

Iron Mountain Acquires Amsterdam’s Evoswitch in $235M Deal: Iron Mountain has acquired the EvoSwitch data center business for $235 million, gaining entry to the Amsterdam market, one of Europe’s major connectivity hubs.

Chirisa Enters Ashburn Market, Buys Prime Parcel in Data Center Alley: Chirisa Investments has acquired a piece of prime real estate in Data Center Alley in Ashburn, Virginia where it plans to build a 30-megawatt data center.

Voices of the Industry

Data Center Frontier readers also digested weekly analysis from expert analysts from companies like Cyctera, Stream Data Centers, Instor Solutions and more. Topics covered included colocation, cybersecurity, data center partnerships and more.

Here are the top three most-read Voices of the Industry columns from May 2018:

It’s Time to Reimagine and Reinvent the Data Center: Colocation allows businesses to shift staff and resources from data center management to focus on IT infrastructure and business priorities. Randy Rowland, President of Data Center Services at Cyxtera, explores the evolving data center and what’s in store for the future.

Cybersecurity: It’s More than Just Technology: Stewart Collier, Managing Director, Critical Environments, at Stream Data Centers, explains why it is time to recognize cybersecurity involves more than just technology, and how the roles of compliance and physical access ensure virtual security for the enterprise.

Don’t Go It Alone: The Value of Trusted Data Center Partnerships: When it comes to scalability, partnerships can make or break your success in the data center world. Jim Levin, Vice President of Business Development, Strategy & Marketing at Instor Solutions Inc., explains how to identify the right strategic partners – and how to hang on to them.

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