Frontier Spotlight: The Top Data Center Stories for January 2018

Feb. 3, 2018
January’s most popular data center articles on Data Center Frontier covered what to expect in 2018 for the colocation industry, cloud growth, data center demand for bitcoin miners and more. Check out what Data Center Frontier readers were clicking on the most as the new year kicked off.

January was a  time to look ahead to see what trends would impact the data center industry in 2018. That’s why two of January’s most popular data center articles on Data Center Frontier dealt directly with trends that will continue to shape the data center business over the next year.

On top of curiosity about what’s in store for the next 12 months, the most popular data center articles on the site covered topics such as  the massive amounts sought by bitcoin miners, how edge computing has evolved and is being used in the data center industry.

The most popular data center articles for  January 2018 on Data Center Frontier, ranked by page views:

The 8 Trends That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2018:  Here are the eight themes that will shape the data center and cloud business in 2018, according to thought leaders interviewed by Data Center Frontier.

Bitcoin Miners Seeking Massive Amounts of Power in Washington State: Looking to capitalize on the huge spike in the price of bitcoin, cryptocurrency mining operations are seeking unprecedented amounts of electricity to launch new facilities in Washington State.

The Evolution of Edge Computing: A Look at the Road Ahead: Data center providers are seeking to clarify their strategies for edge computing. In a complex, multi-tier edge landscape, there will likely be many flavors of success.

Report: Cloud Growth Driving A Data Center Construction Boom: Construction of new data center space is at a new high, with nearly 300 megawatts of projects under construction, according to a new report from North American Data Centers.

Executive Roundtable: Data Center Trends to Watch in 2018: Our Data Center Executive Roundtable features insights from four thought leaders on the state of the data center industry, and where it is headed.

Equinix CEO Resigns, Citing ‘Poor Judgment’ With Employee Matter: Equinix CEO Steve Smith has resigned suddenly after “exercising poor judgment with respect to an employee matter,” the company said.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A new report finds that construction of new data center space is at a new high. #colocation” quote=”A new report finds that construction of new data center space is at a new high. #colocation”]

Compass Wins Approval for Northern Virginia Data Center Campus: Compass Datacenters has received approval from Loudoun County to build a 750,000 square foot data center campus in Northern Virginia.

The rear view of a rack of servers using the LiquidCool immersion system. Blue lines bring dielectric coolant to the server to cool components, while the red lines return the fluid to a heat exchanger.
(Photo: LiquidCool Solutions)

LiquidCool Brings Immersion Cooling to the Server Chassis: LiquidCool Solutions immerses server components inside a sealed chassis filled with dielectric fluid. The company is targeting the market for high-density cooling, where the growth of AI and HPC is boosting interest in liquid-cooled solutions.

GDS Deal May Help CyrusOne Build Data Centers Faster: CyrusOne CTO Kevin Timmons says the company’s partnership with Chinese data center developer GDS will help it build data centers even faster and at lower cost.

Vertiv Expands Offerings for Lithium-Ion UPS Systems: Vertiv is expanding its line of UPS systems that can use lithium-ion batteries rather than traditional lead-acid batteries, offering more options for data center operators interested in new options for their power infrastructure.

Top Voices of the Industry Columns 

Data Center Frontier’s Voices of the Industry columns were also popular on the site as the year kicked off. The most popular guest article in January took a look at how it might be time for data center companies to provide more cloud connectivity options to retain customers, as well as attract new ones. Another of the most-read columns reviewed the rise of the autonomous data center. Read on to also find out how software-defined networking is working to define the next generation of business leaders:

It’s Time for Data Center Companies to Provide More Cloud Connectivity Options: Bruno Berti, Vice President of Product Management at RagingWire Data Centers, examines how offering more cloud connectivity options will benefit data center customers.

Developing Upskilled Employees and the Autonomous Data Center: Patrick Quirk, Vice President and General Manager of Management Systems at Vertiv, explores the connection between upskilled employees and the autonomous data center. By combining data, connectivity and machine learning, data centers can bridge the skills gap, prepare for changing environments and loads, and eventually implement predictive capabilities.

SDN: Defining the Next Generation of Business Leaders: Forward-looking enterprises are going beyond just deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure, and adopting fundamental network virtualization technologies such as software defined networking (SDN). Chris Sharp, CTO, Digital Realty, explores how leveraging the power of software-defined SDN can help you build next-generation networks and ramp up your hybrid cloud strategy.

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