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Top 5 Things to Ask Your Data Center About Compliance

Jan. 7, 2020
Iron Mountain explores five of the top things you should ask your data center provider about compliance.

Choosing the right colocation partner is critical, especially when it comes to compliance.

 When you’re outsourcing your data center needs, understanding your colocation provider’s compliance, security, availability and integrity are of upmost importance. 

A colocation provider mitigates risk through physical and environmental controls from an operational and security standpoint. Ensuring proper maintenance and operation of critical infrastructure, along with upkeep and continual improvement of a physical security program, are part of a comprehensive compliance program. 

This new report from Iron Mountain provides details on what the company sees as five of the top things to ask your data center provider about compliance:

  1. What certifications do you have?
  2. What security and operations posture is in place?
  3. How is the organization showing continual improvement?
  4. How will you support my compliance needs?
  5. What is important to you as a company?