Pushing the Limits: The Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

Sept. 17, 2019
The right “future-focused fiber solution” can increase flexibility, agility, scalability, ease of deployment and more.

Fiber optic cabling systems can help ensure network performance is leading edge, ahead of the competition, and seamlessly accelerates their network infrastructure into the future.

A new white paper explores Panduit’s Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling Systems and how their multimode fiber communication capabilities can work to improve network performance.

The demand to increase high speed data transport supporting the explosive growth of IoT continues to place stress on network infrastructure, especially the physical layer. The need to specify the highest bandwidth fiber cable plant solutions in the face of this information is paramount.

The new report contends the optimal foundation to tackle bandwidth challenges is a fiber solution specially engineered to reliably handle information carrying capacity over a distance.

Careful consideration must be made in terms of return on investment to determine which fiber grade provides ‘best value’ as a transmission medium to support both current and future needs of your physical layer infrastructure.

Download the new report that explores how the right “future-focused fiber solution” can increase flexibility, agility, scalability,  ease of deployment and more.