The Evolved Data Center Model

April 19, 2016
The evolved data center model allows you only buy the space and power you want. As a result, you reduce waste and align your data center to the needs of your business.

The traditional data center model is like the old cable TV and music models, which forced you to buy and pay for all 189 channels and all ten songs, even if you only wanted a few. The evolved data center model, in contrast, is like the new TV and music models – you only buy the show or the song you want. Where the traditional colocation model locks you into long-term contracts for power you may not use, the evolved pay- for-use model eliminates the need to forecast IT demand and provides control over capacity. As a result, you reduce waste and align your data center to the needs of your business. Aligned Data Centers is the first to bring this evolved data center model to the marketplace.

If you are like most  organizations that,  according to 451  Research, only use 56%  of the power they have been allocated, then you are paying a lot more  than you need to.

Take control of your data center You no longer need to be confined by the constraints of traditional data center infrastructure, providers, and pricing. With Aligned Data Centers you now have an option. You can deploy the data center capacity you need when you need it and pay for
what you use. You can improve reliability and cut cost. You can reduce the risk of making longterm commitments based on the unknown. You can free up stranded capital that could add value to other areas of your business. With Aligned Data Centers, you are in control of your data center. The paper that follow explains how.