Frontier Spotlight: The Top Data Center Stories for June 2018

July 3, 2018
June’s most-read stories on Data Center Frontier ranged from continued expansion in the Northern Virginia data center market to Microsoft’s new undersea servers in Scotland. Uber also announced plans for major data center expansion as the company is looking grow its data center network. Here are the top data center stories of June 2018.

June’s most-read stories on Data Center Frontier ranged from news that readers have grown to expect – like continued expansion in the Northern Virginia data center market – along with  slightly more unique stories, such as Microsoft deploying undersea servers in Scotland.

Uber also announced plans for major data center expansion as the company is looking grow its data center network. You can also read up on how the Internet of Things is changing the colocation industry. Other top news covered on Data Center Frontier last month included the impact of online video on data center space, as well as surges in cloud investment  

Read on to stay up to speed on the latest — and most popular — news to stem from the data center industry in June 2018:

Uber Prepares for Major Data Center Expansion: As Uber experiences rapid growth, the company is preparing to expand its data center network. Uber’s Dean Nelson discussed its data center infrastructure at Datacloud Europe.

New Design Helps Facebook Keep Data Cool in Hot Climates: A new cooling system will allow Facebook to efficiently expand its data center network in new places, including hot and humid climates. The membrane-based system was created by Facebook and cooling specialist Nortek.

A row of Facebook servers inside one of the company’s data centers in North Carolina. (Photo; Rich Miller)

Cloud MegaLeases, Land Banking Boost Northern Virginia: Northern Virginia is seeing unprecedented activity in both data center leasing and new construction of cloud campuses, according to panelists at the Bisnow Data Center Investment Conference in Tysons Corner.

Internet of Things Driving Change in the Data Center Industry: The Internet of Things is changing the way we live and do business, from developments with smart cities, to connected cars and more. Here’s a look at the latest IoT trends and how they are impacting the data center industry.

Online Video is Everywhere, and Filling Up Data Centers: Video content is increasingly delivered over the Internet or other online service, and stored in data centers. Video data is just one of the many data streams filling cloud data centers. Here’s a look at what lies ahead.

As Cloud Investment Surges, What’s the New Normal for Data Centers?: Hyperscale cloud builders are accelerating their data center buildouts as they add capacity for new customers. As investment surges to new highs, what will the “new normal” look like for the data center industry?

The Watery Edge: Microsoft Deploys Undersea Servers in Scotland: Microsoft has deployed the second phase of its undersea data center prototype in the waters off of Scotland. The project represents a radical new approach to deploying edge computing capacity, which could enable Microsoft to shift its factory-built modular designs from earth to sea.

The Project Natick enclosure is lowered over a rack of Microsoft Azure cloud servers. (Photo: Microsoft Corp.)

Infomart Unveils Ashburn Data Center, Retooled for the Future: Infomart Data Centers has completed the commissioning of a new data center suite at its Ashburn facility, which it purchased several years ago from America Online.

Roundtable: Are We Nearing the Speed Limit on Data Center Delivery?: Our Executive Roundtable debates data center construction and supply chain management. In an era of just-in-time cloud demand, can we go even faster?

Executive Roundtable: Is the Cloud More Secure Than the Enterprise?: In our quarterly Executive Roundtable, five data center thought leaders discuss the security of cloud platforms and service provider facilities versus on-premises data centers.

Voices of the Industry

Data Center Frontier readers are also privy to expert commentaries from top data center companies in the industry. This past month’s top Voices of the Industry columns included insight from Sunbird Software, Vertiv, and Chatsworth Products.

Learn more about where DCIM software capabilities are headed, the transition to edge-to-core computing and which new network standards may require you to rethink your upgrades:

DCIM Software: Where Are We Now?: Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software, discusses DCIM’s progress and the key differentiators that set second-generation DCIM software apart from legacy data center management tools.

Facilitating the Transition to Edge-to-Core Computing: Martin Olsen, vice president, global edge and integrated solutions at Vertiv, explores what is needed to transition from core-to-edge to edge-to-core computing.

New Network Standards Will Require Network Upgrades: David Knapp, Product Marketing Manager at Chatsworth Products, explores what to consider as new network standards create network upgrade requirements.

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