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Data Center Solutions: Reducing the Risk of Change

Jan. 25, 2022
While many data center professionals are comfortable with the status quo, new solutions are required to address the rapid changes in the industry and to reduce the risk of evolving with the times. Future Facilities explores how new data center solutions can address the challenges today’s data center professionals are facing.

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality are all driving significant change in the data center industry. The compute-intensive workloads demanded by these new technologies mean data center operators must increase their power density per rack. Operators are also faced with downtime and outage challenges. While many are comfortable with the status quo, new data center solutions are required to sustain the new normal and reduce the risk of change.

A new white paper from Future Facilities explores how data center professionals are addressing rapid industry changes and solving the new challenges they’re facing. The paper features solutions implemented by thermal and operational experts from Kaiser Permanente, Vertiv, Nvidia, Switch, and Binghamton University.

The paper explains why new applications are driving new solutions for data center providers. It also looks at how new cooling technology can accommodate evolving thermal requirements, the importance of implementing changes in data center operations, and how data center simulations can present a way forward.