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Hybrid IT – Supporting Critical Initiatives During a Journey to Digital Modernization

July 29, 2020
Get the new special report, sponsored by Panduit, that explores hybrid IT, and how it’s impacting an organization’s ability to scale and deliver new solutions.

In 2012, the amount of digital data in the world first exceeded a zettabyte; that’s a trillion Gigabytes of information. Today, with even more data being created, new applications being deployed, connected devices being connected and even further reliance on our data center ecosystems, leaders in the technology space are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves in a digital market. In comes cloud computing, hoping to solve all of the major challenges organizations from all verticals and industries were experiencing. But the cloud didn’t help everyone. Many organizations pulled back from the cloud during a big push around infrastructure and digital repatriation. Hybrid IT has helped these same companies bring in powerful resources from on-premise, colocation, as well as cloud services. 

However, it’s not only about cloud computing. New solutions like edge, 5G, IoT, and others are all specifically designed to modernize organizations and deliver powerful experiences to the end-user. So, what do you call this combination of cloud, connected devices, remote offices, branch locations, edge computing, colocation, and on-premise workloads? Hybrid IT. 

In this special report, sponsored by Panduit, we’ll explore hybrid IT, how it’s impacting an organization’s ability to scale and deliver new solutions. Furthermore, we’ll dive into some real-world challenges around hybrid IT, and how you can have a robust hybrid ecosystem while still leveraging some of the most advanced digital solutions.