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How Austin’s Emerging Tech Hub Became the New Home for Data Centers

June 16, 2022
Austin, Texas has emerged as a tech mecca as startups and data centers move into the region. Sabey Data Centers explores why.

In the post COVID world, Austin, Texas has emerged as one of the fastest growing regions in the country in terms of job growth. The city’s culture, with its focus on a healthy work-life balance, as well as its thriving music and arts scenes are just a few of the things that draw younger, highly educated workers to the area.

A new white paper from Sabey Data Centers takes a look at the factors driving Austin’s reputation as a mecca for both tech start ups and data centers. The paper first looks at some of the key things drawing companies to Texas in general, and Austin in particular, including the business environment. It also provides examples of the big companies already establishing offices in the city.

The paper explores how your company can get ahead of the curve when setting up shop in the region by looking at how early entrants to this predicted boomtown will benefit.