Voices of 2020: The Top 10 Voices of the Industry Columns

Dec. 22, 2020
Education is part of our mission at Data Center Frontier. In our Voices of the Industry feature, we share the experience of data center executives on the front lines of innovation. Here’s a look at the 10 most popular Voices columns for 2020.

There’s no better time to turn to an industry’s leaders and experts for advice and strategies than during turbulent times. And 2020 fit the bill. Part of Data Center Frontier’s mission is education. In our Voices of the Industry feature, we share the experience of data center executives on the front lines of innovation.

Want to explore what the data center of the future looks like? Interested in how the industry can move toward net-zero energy goals? Are you looking to move your on-premise data center  into colocation or the cloud? How about changing up your data center cooling strategy?

Here are the top 10 most popular Voices columns on Data Center Frontier for 2019:

1. Data Centers Feeling the Heat: The History and Future of Data Center Cooling (Intel)
Dror Shenkar, Senior Architect of Intel Data Center Management Solutions, Intel,  and Shahar Belkin, VP R&D at Zuta-Core, explore the past, current and future landscape of data center cooling. What’s next?

The Iron Mountain data center in Amsterdam. (Photo: Iron Mountain)

2. Building the Data Center of the Future (Iron Mountain)
Like most industries, the data center industry has evolved, especially in recent years. While basic data center design hasn’t changed much, some aspects of it have greatly improved. Alex Sharp, Global Head of Design and Construction at Iron Mountain, takes a look at data centers of the future.

3. 10 KPIs You Need to Monitor to Improve Data Center Health and Efficiency  (Sunbird Software)
Modern data center managers are under constant pressure to do more with less while simultaneously being tasked with balancing data center uptime and optimizing for efficiency and capacity utilization. Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software, offers readers 10 KPIs to track if your goal is improving data center health and efficiency.

4. Waste Heat Utilization is the Data Center Industry’s Next Step Toward Net-Zero Energy (Nortek Air Solutions)
Kris Holla, Group Vice President, Channel Sales for Nortek Air Solutions, explains how waste heat utilization or heat recycling can work to further data centers quest for energy efficiency and change the industry’s reputation as high energy consumers. However, not all data center cooling technology is suitable for waste heat recovery.

5. Decreasing Power and Water Today Will Help Data Centers Reach Sustainability Goals Tomorrow (Nortek Air Solutions)
Kris Holla, Group Vice President and Chief Sales Officer for Nortek Air Solutions, explores how data centers can best reach their future sustainability goals.

6. 10 Reasons to Migrate Your On-Premise Data Center Into Colocation or Cloud (DataBank)
Jerry Blair, DataBank Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Sales, highlights a list of 10 reasons for colocation and explores the following question: Why make the move into colo or cloud?

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7. De-Constructed: Building and Maintaining World-Class Data Centers (CoreSite)
The demand for data center facilities has been high over the last several years. That demand, and continued growth in the industry, by all indications, will continue for some time. Rob Dean, the VP of Design and Construction at CoreSite, who has been working on construction projects for nearly 15 years, walks readers through the process of building and maintaining a data center in today’s market.

8. Cooling Edge Data Centers: It Requires More Thought (TAS Energy)
The team at TAS Energy highlights a variety of different approaches to cooling for edge data centers, from direct expansion cooling systems, to chilled water solutions, free cooling and more.

Data center developers rely heavily on their supply chains to meet the need for faster capacity at infinitely scalable rates. (Photo: ProLift)

9. Exploring Project Buffering to Build Data Centers Faster (ProLift Rigging)
How you manage equipment procurement and installation can make a huge difference in the cost and speed of data center construction. Insights from Zech Connell at ProLift Rigging.

10: Today and Tomorrow, Sustainable Data Centers Start With Design (Aligned Energy)
Phill Lawson-Shanks, CIO  and Sustainability Committee Chair at Aligned Energy hones in on sustainable data centers, and what a “new breed” of data centers focused on energy efficiency will look like.

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