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Infomart Data Center provides reliable news and social data, accurate analytics and true insights that serve as trusted guides to Canada’s best marketers and communicators. Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your brand’s media impact, our content experts and media monitoring and analytics platform provide the tools and insights you need to manage and improve your media strategies and campaigns. As Canada’s leading media consultancy with a 30-year history of unrivalled technology and innovation, Infomart delivers the most complete integrated solutions, including media monitoring and analytics, Research and Insights Reports, Executive Summaries and corporate data to major players in virtually every industry. Monitor, Measure and Improve Our advanced media monitoring and analytics platform keeps you informed of the stories, competitors, influencers and issues that are impacting your brand in the news and across social media. And we’ve integrated powerful tools and features to help you easily monitor, engage, measure, report and distribute, all from one platform with expert content support in your corner. BOOK A DEMO A New Level of Insight As a leader in interpreting complex data, our Professional Services team knows what questions to ask, what data to gather, which metrics matter and how to turn data into insights that help you improve the effectiveness of your communications efforts. Human analysis of your news and social content combined with advanced data-mining technologies ensure that your Research & Insights Reports and Executive Summaries offer only the most accurate, qualified results and analysis.