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Ebullient makes precision cooling systems for electronic hardware. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the way electronic hardware is designed, developed, and deployed. Its relentless pursuit of groundbreaking innovation led to Ebullient® DirectJet™ Technology, which is featured in its precision cooling systems for servers and workstations. Ebullient cooling systems feature 3M® Novec® engineered fluid, which unlike water does not conduct electricity and poses no risk to computer hardware. This makes Ebullient systems ideal for cooling sensitive electronics, including computer processors and memory. Within Ebullient DirectJet Systems, Novec 7000, is pumped to servers at a low pressure by a Fluid Distribution Unit (FDU). As the fluid flows through Module Loops installed in the servers, server heat is captured by the fluid. The server heat is absorbed into the fluid through proprietary DirectJet Modules with copper base plates that mount on processors within servers. Each DirectJet Module Loop can remove up to 2KW of heat, allowing it to cool multiple processors within a server chassis. The warmed fluid then returns to the FDU, and the server heat is rejected to a facility cooling circuit through a heat exchanger. Ebullient systems are easy to install and operate. They are right at home in a variety of applications, ranging from small data closets with a handful of servers to mega-scale data centers with thousands of servers. The systems can be adapted to any nearly any type of CPU or GPU. As such, DirectJet Module Loops can be installed in virtually any server configuration, regardless of age, make, or model. On average, data centers with Ebullient cooling systems enjoy a 75% reduction in monthly cooling costs compared to air-conditioning alone. And data center employees enjoy a quieter, more comfortable work environment when noisy air conditioners and server fans can be turned down or off.