Josh Snowhorn

Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole, values approachability, accessibility, collaboration, innovation and growth. These qualities guided Josh’s leadership in the interconnection industry over the last 20 years and building over $10B of value along the way. He has pretty much seen and done it all through key founding and executive positions at Terremark, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell, and CyrusOne. He is an avid speaker at conferences globally including networking, data centers, real estate, edge networking, and quantum computing. He has been a surfer for 39 years and a snowboarder for 25 years, traveling the globe in pursuit of experiences.

Akira Kaelyn /

Better Data Center Development through Master Planning

Jan. 22, 2024
Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole, presents lessons learned from the Quantum Frederick project, the industry's first master-planned data center community.