Brett Lindsey

Brett Lindsey is the Chief Executive Officer of ark data centers (formerly Involta), a Carlyle portfolio company and prominent national provider of data center, cloud and connectivity infrastructure and services. He has navigated the dynamic landscape of the telecommunications industry for three decades, demonstrating consistent growth, measurable outcomes and significant financial performance. Lindsey joins ark data centers after serving as the CEO of Everstream for eight years. He propelled Everstream’s growth from a Cleveland-only fiber network to a leading provider with a 10-state presence serving enterprise and hyperscale clients – solidifying the company’s role as a key player in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic fiber network industry. In previous telecommunications infrastructure roles, Lindsey has demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess, operational excellence and a commitment to community through multiple acquisitions and exits, federal grant awards and metro fiber expansions.


The Competitive Edge of Enterprise Edge

June 21, 2024
Brett Lindsey, CEO ark data centers, explains why edge data centers will become increasingly vital, making them the cornerstone of digital transformation strategies for enterprises...
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The Next Evolution of Enterprise IT

Jan. 26, 2024
Brett Lindsey, CEO of Involta, shares his thoughts on the most significant topics facing the digital infrastructure ecosystem and how they will shape progress for enterprises ...