Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers is Vice President of Commissioning and Building Analytics at JLL and has over 40 years of progressive experience in critical facilities operations and management including strategic planning, critical infrastructure design, operations, and commissioning; business protection and recovery; preventive and predictive maintenance; and technical training development. Terry is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and member of ASHRAE committees TC9.9, SSPC 90.4, SSPC-127, SSPC-300, GPC-0.2 and GPC-1.6P. 

JLL has a team of 40 dedicated commissioning professionals across North America that specialize in critical environments. Utilizing in-house purpose-built tools, JLL proactively manages the project handover process to ensure the facility is positioned for successful long-term operations.

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Building Data Centers for Operational Excellence: Disaster Prevention Starts Long Before Shovels Hit the Ground

May 6, 2024
Terry Rodgers, Vice President of Commissioning and Building Analytics at JLL, explains why operations and maintenance teams should be involved throughout the entire data center...