Danielle Rossi

Danielle Rossi is Global Director – Mission Critical Cooling for Trane. Danielle has 17+ years in data center solution design and engineering for hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, edge, and government environments. In her current role, Danielle manages global mission-critical cooling products and processes to provide a standardized deliverable for customers executing projects worldwide.

Trane®  – by Trane Technologies – continues to innovate its HVAC systems & controls and energy services for mission critical customers. With over 37,000 employees in 58 countries and serving approximately 100 countries in 2023, Trane is well-positioned to support hyperscale and co-location data centers with their cooling needs across the globe. 

Courtesy of Trane

The Untapped Potential of Heat Reuse in Data Center Cooling Design

June 19, 2024
Danielle Rossi, Global Director of Mission Critical Cooling at Trane, explains why it's time to think outside the chiller and consider the critical role heat reuse can play in...