The Compelling Case for Data Center Microgrids

Feb. 24, 2023
Now available on demand, a new webinar series from Microgrid Knowledge and Data Center Frontier outlines how microgrids can help data center operators improve their electric resilience, lower energy costs and achieve sustainability goals.

According to Uptime Institute’s 2022 Global Data Center Survey, more than 60% of data center operators have reported a power outage over the past three years. Not only can these outages cost operators and their customers tens of thousands of dollars per minute, but they can also have a larger impact on critical infrastructure that is increasingly reliant on the internet and connected devices.

To avoid outages, data center operators are investing heavily in improving the resilience of their physical infrastructure. Many are now going beyond temporary power solutions and exploring the benefits of microgrids.

Data center microgrid educational webinars now available to view on demand

To help educate data center operators as they explore the use of microgrids to improve electric resilience, lower energy costs and achieve sustainability goals, the editors of Microgrid Knowledge and Data Center Frontier recently hosted a three-part webinar series on the topic. All three webinars in the Microgrids for Data Centers series are now available to view for free on demand.

In the first webinar, “Data Center Microgrids: A Solution for a Power-Constrained World,” Elisa Wood, editor in chief of Microgrid Knowledge and Rich Miller, editor in chief of Data Center Frontier, speak with microgrid experts from Schneider Electric. In this video you’ll learn what a microgrid is and how these systems help data center operators improve electric reliability, lower energy costs and meet sustainability goals.

In the second webinar, “How Data Center Operators Plan for Microgrid Adoption,” Wood and Miller explore topics like the microgrid functionality and capabilities that are required to meet reliability and sustainability goals. Featuring experts from Cummins, the webinar also includes strategies for systems integration and tips on planning for a successful project.

The third webinar, “Steps to Implementing a Microgrid at Your Data Center,” features experts from Enchanted Rock. This session focuses on microgrid implementation, including innovative financing options and strategies for operations and maintenance.

Each webinar includes a question and answer session recorded during the live event.

Watch a 3-part webinar series on microgrids for data centers. 

In addition to the webinars, Microgrid Knowledge and Data Center Frontier also collaborated on three-part white paper series on the topic. Part I outlines the compelling case for microgrids at data centers. Part II explores how to develop a microgrid plan and Part III discusses implementing your microgrid.

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