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Cologix Expands Central Ohio Footprint with Completion of AI-Ready Data Center in Columbus

May 24, 2024
The 256,000 sq. ft. COL4-S data center sits on a 7-acre campus at the convergence point of long-haul fiber and regional carrier fiber networks in Central Ohio. The new Cologix...

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How Edge Compute is Shifting in the AI Era: A Vision of the Future

May 27, 2024
Kevin Imboden, Global Director, Market Research, and Intelligence for EdgeConneX, explores what edge deployment architecture might look like when AI models are in widespread production...
Chandler Stafford

'Notable Quotables' from the Microgrid Knowledge 2024 Conference in Baltimore

May 23, 2024
Here for your consideration are a selection of the most quoted quotes from experts attending last month's Microgrid Knowledge 2024 conference. Next year's event will be held April...
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CoreWeave Data Center Investment Tally Gains Blackstone, Crowns AI Hyperscaler Ambitions

May 22, 2024
The flood of financing engulfing NVIDIA favorite CoreWeave, based on unprecedented hyperscale demand for AI and GPU compute capacity, is something to behold.
Data Center Frontier

Podcast: Data Center Design Shop Talk with Critical Facility Group's Christopher McLean

May 22, 2024
Specializing in the design, operations and construction of data centers, Chris McLean is a Principal at Critical Facility Group in Boston.
Vantage Data Centers

DCF Tours: Vantage Data Centers VA11, Sterling, Virginia

May 21, 2024
As located on the company's encompassing 52-acre Ashburn (VA1) Data Center Campus, Vantage Data Centers VA11 is a purpose-built facility currently sized at 720,000 SF, including...
Digital Realty

Digital Realty Adds Direct Liquid Cooling for High-Density Colocation in 170 Data Centers Globally

May 18, 2024
Digital Realty this week unveiled expanded high-density deployment support for liquid-to-chip cooling in service of AI and data-intensive applications.
JLL Data Center Executive Forum

JLL Data Center Executive Forum Gathers Thought Leaders to Address Industry's Most Urgent Challenges

May 16, 2024
With discussions ranging from AI markets to growing data center workforce teams, the one-day event touched on today’s most compelling data center topics.
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ICT Engineering Experts Compare Class 4 Fault Managed Power vs. AC Power Infrastructure for Data Centers

May 15, 2024
Recent technical analysis investigates a use case of powering a 6 MW data center using traditional AC infrastructure versus new FMP infrastructure. A parts-and-labor summary concludes...