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Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design

May 22, 2023
During an era of unprecedented digital infrastructure growth, learn how leaders embrace design modernization to impact time-to-market and sustainability.
2020 was eye-opening for data center leaders as they raced to ensure their customers had the tools they needed to succeed. As a result, there’s been a boom in digital infrastructure. But every boom has its growing pains, and operators are now faced with new challenges as demand outpaces supply, legacy construction and deployment inhibit modernization, and supply chains continue to lag. Addressing these and other challenges requires an understanding of how we’re deploying today’s data centers and using modernization to our advantage.

Download this special report, featuring Nautilus Data Technologies, that explores the current state of the data center industry and how modernization has impacted speed-to-market. The author reviews new data centers and modular designs, as well as how sustainability plays a significant role in modernization efforts. The report also explains why leaders look to the water when they run out of land.

 Real-world use cases around modular and scalable data center design are also presented.     

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