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New Data Center Efficiency Imperatives: How Immersion Cooling is Evolving Density and Design

June 23, 2023
Data center demand is increasing sharply thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, IoT devices, automation, cloud computing, and various other use cases. As a result, power usage, workload density, and heat production are all on the rise. Can an air-cooled ecosystem keep pace or do today’s high performance computing and data-driven solutions require a new approach to cooling? 

This Data Center Frontier special report, featuring Hypertec, explores the fundamental shift that’s taking place in the way the data center industry approaches cooling. First, the special report outlines the evolution of immersion cooling and how the technology has transformed data centers. Then, Bill Kleyman presents the top five design and deployment considerations for immersion cooling as well as an immersion cooling readiness checklist.

Finally, Bill presents examples of immersion cooling solutions and use cases, and it provides tips for getting started on the journey. 

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